Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Whole New Level...

Yep, our lives have just been brought to a WHOLE new level...Watch this:

Friday, May 29, 2009

2nd Haircut

Yep, he's only 11 months old, and he's gotten TWO haircuts! He did SO WELL! He just ate a bunch of fruit snack and treats while the gal cut his hair. He never cried, never had a problem with it. Such a good boy! Here's some pictures of my little man!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Eleven Months!

Another month older...ugh! It makes me soooo sad to think that AJ is almost a year old. I remember so clearly this time last year, waiting, hoping and praying that he'd be born a little early or on time. I was so tired of being pregnant and sooo ready to meet this little boy. What would he look like, how would labor go, would he be healthy, how would having a baby affect our lives. Everything was unknown and scary and exciting.

Now here we are planning AJ's 1st birthday party. Man, how quickly they grow up. It's a wonderful thing and I'm truly excited that he's going to be one, but it's bittersweet I guess.

Here's an update on all things AJ:

* For now, his favorite food is grapes. He will eat them ALL DAY LONG if I let him.

* He's drinking whole milk- I know I'm not supposed to start that until he's 1, but he's not nursing a lot anymore and I didn't like giving him formula.

* He's not allergic to anything- so far. He's had strawberries, peanuts (just a small amount in a granola bar), and milk.

* He LOVES other kids. Doesn't matter their age, he just likes watching them and playing with them. He's very social.

* AJ is sleeping much better now. He typically takes 2 naps a day and then goes to bed at 7 or 7:30. He wakes up still once a night, around 4am. I could probably cut this out if I didn't get up, but I find that if I do get up and feed him at that time, he'll typically sleep a little longer. Otherwise, he's up and ready to go around 5:3oam. That's just TOO early for me.

* He has 3 HUGE baskets full of toys, and his favorite things to play with are Tupperware, the dogs collar and his cell phone (Jason gave him an old one). I am realizing that kids do get bored of their toys. I never knew this could happen so young.

* His FAVORITE cartoons are Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Backyardagins. He smiles and laughs when they are on....Sadly, I can sing ALL the songs from both and I find that I do this all day...every day.

* He still has 7 teeth; he can eat pretty much anything.

* He has started to get a little freaked out when I leave him with the sitter; he has a hard time when I leave, but I know he's fine a few minutes later. It breaks my heart, but I know he's in good hands and happy.

* He is still cruising all over the place- not walking yet. I don't actually think he'll be walking before he's one. He's not stable enough. Knowing him, he'll prove me wrong.

* He's learning the word NO. But he's testing me BIG TIME! I tell him, "AJ, NO!" and he'll stop what he's doing and turn to look at me and smile....grrr

* If anything is lost in our house, like a remote control or cell's probably just outside the dog door :)

* Lastly, my house is SUCH A MESS and I have this little monkey to blame. It's not dirty, it's messy! He takes everything out of ANY drawer he can get too. Yes, we do have locks on our cabinets, but either he's that good, or they are that bad.

Happy 11 Months Handsome Boy!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

He NEVER stops moving!

2 things...

1- the sirens in the background are on the TV- NOT our house!

2- I talk a lot..sorry!

Any idea what this look means???

I've been caught! Darn it! I thought she couldn't see me climbing out the dog door....Or DESTROYING the kitchen...
or it could mean..
I hear you saying NO!!, but I think I just might do it anyway???