Saturday, December 6, 2008

Snowman Hat

Grammy Cory outdid herself once again.... I was JUST thinking last night, "I wonder if Grammy Cory will make Anderson a Christmas hat like she did for Thanksgiving?" Well, what do you know! Today I found a box addressed to AJ on the porch and guess what was in it???

Such a CUTIE! Thank you Grammy Cory for ALWAYS thinking about me!!!

He can SIT UP!!

What a day.. Anderson and Jason spent some quality time together this morning while I got a much needed nap and come to find out, AJ can SIT UP! I had no idea! Tonight I was able to watch it and it was the cutest thing! In this picture, he's sitting up completely unassisted. Jason is just there in case he falls over (which would then mean he'd hit his head on our table). He was sitting like this for over 2 minutes! My lil boy is growing up!

He looks as shocked as I was :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Likes & Dislikes Again

Because I will use this blog as AJ's baby book and a reminder to me of him growing up, I want to update Anderson's likes and dislikes.

At 5 months, these are Anderson's likes:

* He LOVES sweet potatoes! He eats them for lunch and dinner. Sometimes I try to trick him with something new and he'll take a few bites, but then he cries for "sweet taters".

* Anderson is a mover and a shaker! He is constantly kicking, punching, rolling over, pulling my hair, scratching my face and trying to crawl! We're really in for it when he can actually figure out how to move!

* He also loves his exersaucer and his Jumperoo. Our neighbor let us borrow the Jumperoo that we can attach to the doorway (which is sooo helpful when I shower and get ready for the day) and he loves it!

* I'm happy to say that AJ is starting to enjoy his stroller. I never thought I'd say that, but lately he's been really good in it. I think it helps that he's gotten older so he can really pay attention to people and movement and he enjoys his toys while in there. It's SOOO nice!

* Bath time- he loves it! I got him some toys and he's enjoying splashing around and playing in the tub.

Now, for his dislikes:

* He's doing better in his car seat, but I'm hesitant to say he "likes" it. He does like the new one better than the infant car seat thankfully.

* Apples, pears and bananas... Ya, that's right! He doesn't like them! I know it's crazy, because what kid doesn't like these sweet fruits?? I have to hide them in his rice cereal! We'll keep trying tho :) It's not the end of the world, that's for sure!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

A update on things

It's been a while since I posted an update on life in the Lewicki household so here goes:

* AJ has been doing MUCH better in his stroller and car seat over the past few weeks. I don't dread going anywhere with him anymore, thankfully! He seems more comfortable in his car seat and can look out the window and see what is going on. I think it's also helps that he's older and can really play with his toys; it keeps his mind off other things I guess. Also, I'm able to stroll him around places which makes life SO much easier! We've gotten him up to about an hour or maybe 90 mins in the stroller before he's done. This is a HUGE stride for us!

* Bath time has become a favorite time for Anderson. He can now sit up pretty well in this little bath seat which allows him to splash away and play with the water or bath toys. So far, his favorite toy is the blue cup that I rinse him with :) He enjoys the bath so much, that many days I give him 2. About about 4pm I seem to run out of things to do with him, so I let him play away for a while in the water.

Bath Time!

* Anderson is JUST about ready to sit up on his own and it seems like he's just a few short weeks away from crawling! I could be wrong (I hope I'm wrong!) but he's already moving around by scooting! Ahh, life will certainly change once he's mobile! Time for baby gates and bonked heads!

* Our social calendar has filled up very quickly with MOPS and MOMS Club. It seems that we've got something going on every day this month. So far we took a tour of the Castle Rock Fire Station which was fun, we went to Monkey Bizness, lunch with friends and play dates. I've had a lot of fun meeting new moms and I think Anderson is enjoying seeing other kids. There is a little boy in MOMS Club, Garrett, who is 6 months old and I can see the two of them becoming buddies.

Lil Fireman!

* AJ's new best friend is our dog, Buster. They absolutely LOVE each other and are so incredibly cute together. They will lay on the ground together and AJ will put his hands all over Buster- pulling his fur, poking his eyes, putting his hands in Busters mouth (I try to limit this!) and Buster just enjoys the attention. He's such a wonderful and gentle dog. I trust him, but I'm also careful and pay close attention.

* We've tried to get Anderson to eat some new foods, but still sweet potatoes are his favorite. I tried apples, pears and bananas and he just looks at me with this funny face and sometimes spits out the food. I can't help but totally crack up when he does this. We'll keep trying and in a month or so we'll try some new veggies.

* Lastly, I'm proud to say that I've reached my goal weight! I'm no longer doing Weight Watchers- I guess I kinda gave up on that, but I've been lucky enough to continue losing the weight due to nursing. I only HOPE that it stays off once I stop nursing, but that's not going to be for a while, so for now I'll just go with it!

Sunday, November 30, 2008