Friday, August 5, 2016

Nanny for the Summer.. The BEST Decision

We have some friends, Chris and Ashley Sommers who have 2 kids that are good friends with AJ. We've known them since preschool and over the years have hung out more and more. They are such a nice family and their kids are REALLY good. A few years back, I saw Caleigh and Cooper at the park and asked where their parents were- thinking I'd say hi. Right then, this young girl walked up and introduced herself to me as their babysitter, Analisse. At this point, we really didn't have a solid babysitter that we used and I immediately jumped on it and asked Analisse for her phone number. She was just so polite (called us Mr. and Mrs. Lewicki until I finally had to tell her to stop!) and kind and I immediately trusted her. (Yes, I know I shouldn't steal people's babysitters, but I did tell her the Sommers had priority over us!)

We have been using Analisse for a few years now and she has been wonderful. She's responsible, kind, makes AJ obey, and is honest when I ask how he was. I'm so glad she doesn't tell me he was perfect, when he wasn't. We have also used her at times with the Sommers and she'll watch all the kids together.

Late winter of this year, I asked Ashley what she would think of us asking Analisse to nanny for us- and at times she would have all the kids. She was totally into it and so was Analisse so I told her not to get a real job during the days- that we'd hire her for the summer. We worked out the details and the kids spent a few days all together and some just on their own with her. It has been FANTASTIC! In fact, Analisse has taken all the kids to swim practice all summer and they've done other fun things like pools days, movies, county fair, hiking and so much more. They've had so much fun that at times Ashley and I have had to ask that they have "down days" because they are so tired!

Well, now the summer is coming to an end and we're SO SAD to see Analisse go back to college. She has been just the best for us and I think the Sommers family would agree. I only hope she comes back next year and can do this again for us!

Today on Facebook, Analisse posted this and it just melts my heart and makes me smile.