Saturday, September 11, 2010


I just had to note this... Yesterday, on our way home, I said to AJ "Look at those beautiful clouds!" and he said to me.... " might rain!" hahah! Where in the world did he learn the word "might" anyway?? He surprises me MANY times a day now. I think one of my most favorite parts of being a mom is watching AJ learn these new things. It's just amazing to me! I know I'm his mother, but I truly think he is SMART!

Give a Kid a Camera

And this is what you get.... I was actually quite impressed! (Keep in  mind he took 100 pictures...These are the best)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Latest

Gosh, if feels like forever since I've given you an update on all things AJ. Here's the latest:


We had a pretty good Labor Day weekend. AJ and I went to a birthday party on Saturday night and then to a Labor Day BBQ on Sunday with a ton of friends. We had a good time, but it was the start of some rough, painful days for the boy. We think that AJ has started to get his 2 year molars as he's been SUPER cranky, needy, sad, drooling and is pointing to his mouth saying that he's hurting. Sunday night he was in so much pain that he and I got about 3 hours of intermittent sleep.  He was up for hours at a time whining and moaning in pain. I felt sooo sad for him (and so exhausted). So, we drugged him up with Motrin and Tylenol and tried to make his life a little easier. He wasn't eating, or drinking much and the poor thing was miserable. I stayed home from work with him on Tuesday because I thought he could just use the extra comfort. We got ice cream and rented movies, but that only works for so long when you're 2.  By Tuesday night, I started noticing he had a few cold sores in his mouth. One on his tongue, and one under his tongue. I couldn't see any others, but he wouldn't let me anywhere near his mouth. He has started to get better and he's eating soft foods and drinking milk, but he's still in pain and on medication. Who knows what it is???

Stuff He Says

* "I did it!!!" Anytime he tries to do something and succeeds he yells this. Last night he wanted to jump down the stairs - 2 steps instead of 1- and when he did, he yelled "I DID IT!"" He was so proud of himself! I love that he's starting to speak this way, rather than in 3rd person, which he's been doing for a while now.

* "No Way Mom" He loves to joke around and tell me this when I ask him to do something. It's pretty cute- most of the time.

* AJ doesn't say his "L" very well. He pronounces it like it's a Y. So.... my moms dog, Lexi is Yexi (or he calls her Yex), and when we're in the car listening to his music he will tell me, "YOUDER MAMA!" :)
* AJ seriously loves Buster. Last night, he sat down next to him to say hi and I asked if I could take their picture with my phone. He said "YES MAMA!" so I did. Then, after I took it, I gave him my phone so he could see it, and he showed it to Buster.. Stuff like this just warms my heart. He's so sweet!

        Here's the picture:

As I have mentioned before, AJ is really into music. He loves to sing along to it and it's amazing how quickly he's learning words to different songs. Here are a few examples:

Happy Birthday - AJ sings it "Happy Day to you"
BINGO- AJ sings "name o!"
Mr. Sun- He loves that song
Apples & Bananas- thinks thats a hilarious song because they say Epples and Baneenees and Opals and Banoonoos
Muffin Man- he learned this one from Shrek

Sunday, September 5, 2010