Thursday, July 18, 2013

We got a DOG!

Yes, you read that right! We got a dog! While we were in Yellowstone, a good friend of mine texted me asking if we were interested in adopting a 3 year old boxer. Her owner was moving and couldn't take the dog with her.

Heather knew that I couldn't take the dog because of where I live, but I talked to Jason about her and he decided he would take her. She got us in touch with the owner and we talked a lot about the pup. Her name is Jasmine and she's a GREAT dog!

Jasmine is really well trained. She will sit, lay down, "load up" in the car, is healthy, loves to run and hike and great with kids. AJ and I were able to pick her up after Yellowstone and the whole way home, AJ was talking to her the whole time. He introduced us to her- "Jasmine, my name is AJ and this is my Mom, Kate". He told her he loved her "so, so, so much". We talked quite a bit about how dogs need to be taken care of, fed, walked and cleaned up after and how he would have a lot of these responsibilities. He was so happy!

AJ and I have been talking about getting a dog for a while now, but I knew I couldn't do it until I got out of this apartment. I wanted to get him a puppy, but now that Jazz showed up in our lives, I'm so thankful we didn't do the puppy thing. Jasmine is already trained, has had no accidents in the house, is crate trained and just a great pup. I'm so happy this worked out for all of us :)

Here are some picks of sweet Jazz. She's such a good girl! And she loves to play fetch too!

Right after we picked up Jasmine

Driving home.. She was a bit nervous, as expected.

Her previous owner sent her with a leash, collar, food and some toys. She loves this boot!

AJ's 5th Birthday Party

AJ had another REALLY fun birthday party! It's so hard to believe he's 5...

We were lucky enough to have a lot of family come visit for AJ's party. My mom and Dave, my Dad and Cory and Jason's dad, Tom came to visit. I love how everyone gets along so well! AJ is such a family guy- he really, truly, loves his family :)

We invited all the kids from AJ's class as well as all of his other friends. I don't know exactly how many people were there, but look at the pictures below and you'll see it was A LOT!

It was the perfect day for water guns so each kid got his own gun and we filled up big buckets around the yard so they could refill. We also had HUGE buckets full of filled up water balloons (thank you Mom and Cory for filling them all up!) and had an awesome water balloon fight. It started as a toss, but then we let all the kids just go crazy (adults too!) It was amazing!

Jason BBQ's burgers and hot dogs and we had a ton of fruit, veggies, chips and drinks and everyone really seemed to have a wonderful time. I had hoped it would be a relaxing, fun, low key party (or as low key as it could be with that many people) and it was! AJ had a wonderful 5th birthday!

Pop, AJ and Grammy Cory

AJ and Pop

AJ and Papa Tom

AJ and Papa

AJ and Grandma

AJ and Grammy Cory

Us 3

Papa Tom, AJ and Daddy

Grandma, Papa and AJ

Boys pic!

Water gun fun!

Water balloon toss- so much fun!!

Even the adults got in on the fun!

Total chaos and total fun!

Happy guy

Pop and Grammy are staying away!

AJ's Sonic the Hedgehog cake! Yep, Jason made it!
Sprinkler time!

Hanging with his buddies

Here are some pictures from the time that we got to spend with our family before and after the party.

Helping Grandma fill up water balloons

At the park with Grammy Cory

Playing Monopoly Jr. with Pop and Grammy- this was fun!!

We also got to celebrate Pop's 70th birthday! I thought it would be fun to get him a cake and see what 70 candles actually looked like. It was funny, AJ was a little afraid that we'd burn down the house! It was nuts!

Grandma and Papa got to come to AJ's T Ball practice!