Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Tying Shoes

I never really thought about teaching someone to tie shoes until AJ was in Kindergarten and it became part of his "homework". I will admit, we tried a few times, but he never really got it and we bought him Velcro shoes and moved on. Then, first grade came and I thought about it again. Still we didn't work on it too much because I knew a lot of other kids in his grade didn't know how to do it. (I know... I am LAZY!)

Well, now he's in 2nd grade and I have to admit I got him some really cute Vans Velcro shoes for school. I figured they are easy and the right color and AJ will think they are cool. And he did, until he wore them for about a week and tongue started to bother him. So, we had a discussion about how he really is old enough now and should know how to tie his shoes. He agreed and right there and then we plopped on the kitchen floor and started to practice.

At first I was showing him the "2 bunny ear" approach. It wasn't working. So, almost on his own, he started doing it the other way (not sure what that is called? 1 bunny ear?) And he did it, but he struggled to make the bunny ear the right size. When he made it too big, the loop didn't stay. He got frustrated, but he tried a few times.

So, I went out and bought him some new Sketchers. They are super light and look like running shoes. He loves them and he was determined to tie them. And that's just what he did. The first day he asked for a little help and it took him some extra time. But by day 2, he was tying them without any issues and even learned the double knot.

It's the little thing :)