Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wash Park

I don't know why, but all of the sudden I have the urge to go to all the parks in Colorado that we haven't been to yet. Perfect timing, huh? I go back to work, the summer is almost over, and soon enough we'll have snow. But, until it does start to get cold, we're doing it every chance we get! And we're having fun :)

This past Sunday, AJ and I ventured over to this park in Denver called Wash Park. It's about 30 minutes north or so and I have only been once- in the early spring and to run. This time, I took AJ and we had a blast! We brought a loaf of bread so we could feed the ducks and packed a lunch. On the way there, I thought about renting a pedal boat for us, but I wasn't sure how he would do. Really, I wasn't sure how either of us would do. I'd never done it alone, and never done it with a 2 year old. Would he fall out?? Would he freak out?? Would he like it?? Would it be a total waste?? I decided when we got there, that it would be a lot of fun- and it was pretty inexpensive, so we'd give it a try. We each put on our life jackets and climbed in and went for about a 35 minute boat ride. That was as much as he could handle, because he was hot and wanted the jacket off.

The whole day was a lot of fun for both of us. He fed the ducks (I thought for sure he was going to fall into the water), played on the great playground, and I enjoyed taking him on his first pedal boat ride. Here are some pics:

Watching the ducks- he did feed them, but I was too afraid he would fall in the water to get a good pic of it.

Standing on the "pier"

I don't know what was so funny- but he's damn cute!

Should have had someone take a pic when we left the dock, not when we were coming back...