Sunday, March 6, 2011


Ok, I'm sure the title of this post got your attention, right? It's certainly not my favorite word and it's becoming one I dislike more and more. Why, you ask? Because it's become AJ's new favorite word. I don't know where he learned it- daycare, TV, me (i hope not!), Jason (doubt that too), friends...- who knows? But he says it and he knows he shouldn't.

The past few days he'll just be sitting in the car with me or in the grocery store, or somewhere totally normal and I'll hear him say "Soup, Stupe, Cupid is a reindeer mom, STUPID" and ever so quickly, he'll say "I sorry mom, I not say the bad word anymore". However, he just keeps doing it! I know he's testing me. And I know he's 2 and this is what he's supposed to do. Part of me thinks I should just ignore it because he knows that otherwise he gets my attention and the other part of me is not ok with him saying it and therefore I should tell him. Last night he said it 5 or 6 times and each time I told him it was a bad word and please don't say it. (I felt like a broken record!) Finally, I warned him. If you say it again, you're going to time out. (Which we very rarely ever use) Well, he said it again while we were playing Legos. And off to time out he went. I just made him sit in a corner and it was sad because we were really having a good time and I don't think he even said it because he was mad or frustrated. So, he cried for a few minutes and then I walked over to him and told him (AGAIN) that it's a bad word and please do not say it. He told me he was "really sorry" (which by the way he has no idea what sorry really means obviously because he keeps on doing it!) and I kissed him and we moved on.

I know I'm going to reread this in a few years (or less) and wonder why I was so concerned with the word "stupid" because I know the words are just going to get worse and worse...