Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spring Pictures

New Star Wars PJ's :)

At the mall with Grandma

Waiting to see the Easter Bunny

That afternoon, Papa was in charge and let him make "Mud Tea"

It was kinda messy....

He was in heaven!

Then he told Papa he could hose him off...

Papa took him up on it :)

Hahaa! So funny!

Easter Egg Hunt

This weekend our church put on an Easter Egg Hunt at the local high school. I knew I didn't have AJ that day, so I volunteered to help out. This was the 5th year our church has done it, but only the first time I attended. It was huge! They stuffed over 40,000 eggs and spread them over the entire football field and then had a helicopter come and drop 6,000 more eggs while everyone watched! There were hundreds of people there and we were lucky that the weather was perfect! In fact, it was hot.

I got a nice surprise when Jason texted me saying they were there :) I had mentioned it to Jason as something fun they could do, but didn't think he would bring AJ. It made my day to see my boy!

Here is a picture of the football field, before the kids arrived...

Daddy & AJ

After the hunt!

My mom and I brought AJ to see the Easter Bunny- he loved giving him high 5's and chatted with him about the Lego's he hoped would be in his Easter basket ;)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Swim Lessons

We took a few months off from any extra activities with the holidays and just life being so busy. But AJ has just started back with swim lessons. We're trying a new place called Smile Fish Swim School. I've heard REALLY good things about it so we gave it a shot. AJ's first class was last Thursday and so far, I'm completely impressed! There are only 4 kids in the class and his teacher is awesome. He's fun, but also no nonsense. It's one day a week for 30 minutes. He could stand to go twice a week, but we can't commit to that and it's pricey. Unlike the Rec Center, where he was going previously,  Smile Fish guarantees they learn to swim or they actually give you money back. I don't expect that will happen, but it's nice to know.
I took a few video of AJ last week- they really don't do it justice. He did SO well and I was, once again, SO proud!

This was the FIRST thing he did in class. And keep in mind, he hasn't been in swim lessons since last October. And this was a new pool and new instructor. I was internally panicking because he was basically out there in the pool alone while the instructor was helping another kid get started. I didn't want AJ to know I was freaking out so I did my best to hide it, all the while preparing to jump in the pool if he let go of the buoy! Later, I told the teacher my fear and he said, "Don't worry- I can get across the entire pool in 5 seconds! He can do it and it builds their confidence". He was right :)

Here is he jumping off the side and doing the "monkey crawl" back to the steps :)