Wednesday, June 5, 2013

T Ball!

Yesterday was AJ's first T Ball practice. It was so fun! Earlier in the day he told me he was scared to go, but I explained it was nothing like karate (that obviously scared him a lot) and much like soccer. That helped a lot. And it was also helpful that his best friend from school, Kelan, is on his team. He had a blast and did really well!

They split the team into 2 groups and each group practiced hitting for a bit, then catching. This kid can throw! He was throwing line drives right back to his coach! And he was great at hitting too! Catching.. well.. he's young :)

Then they got to practicing running the bases. It was adorable to watch and I love that he had so much fun! After we all headed out for pizza to celebrate a fun first practice. Love this guy!!

First practice!

AJ and his buddy Kelan

I LOVE this little person!!!

Batting practice

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Camping At Mueller State Park

The last 2 weekends, we headed down to Mueller State Park to camp. It has been FUN! Mueller is about 90 minutes South West of us, near Woodland Park and Divide. We do a lot of fun things and yet, at the same time, it feels like we relax and don't do much. Here are some pics from the past 2 weekends.
We arrived! Ready for fun!

Hanging with Daddy

It can get windy and chilly there at night!

My goodness, it's gorgeous! (That is Pikes Peak)

AJ and I had a BLAST riding bikes!

We rode around the whole place- it was so fun!

A pic from a beautiful morning ride

The boys found this REALLY cool fort. They played here for hours.

Of course, we hiked :)

Such a beautiful view

This past weekend we decided to check out this wolf sanctuary. It was amazing! We took at 1 hour tour and they talked about all the wolves they have there. This guy was sooo pretty! Though he looks mean, he was really playful. He was really acting like a fun young, pup. Of course, all the wolves were behind enclosures, but we could get within a few feet of them.

This guy was so pretty!

This was the best pic I could get of AJ and the wolf

At the end of the tour, the guide asked us all to howl together. She promised if we did it right, we'd get all the wolves in the sanctuary to howl... She was right! It was the coolest thing to hear them all howl together.

This cute is Burrito. He's a 6 week old donkey. Isn't he adorable! AJ loved feeding him animal crackers..

Of course we had fires..

And played games


Hanging by the fire.. Love this guy!