Saturday, May 8, 2010

I Feel So Lucky!

Tomorrow is Mothers Day. I feel like the luckiest mother out there. I am so madly in love with my little boy, I can't even put it in words. There are certain moments when he tests my patience of course, but no matter what, he's the best!

I'm looking forward to spending the day with AJ, my mom and Dave tomorrow. We're planning to go to breakfast and then to this great little place called Tiny Town. It's a kid sized village and railroad and I'm sure that AJ is going to LOVE it!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I Love Watermelon!

I was cutting up a watermelon tonight and AJ was standing on his chair watching me- I turned around for a second, and when I turned back, this is what I saw... Too funny!

California Trip May 2010

AJ & I went out to California for a MUCH needed long weekend. Ahhhhhh.... It was incredibly fun and so relaxing. We went to visit Grammy (otherwise known as Nammy) and Pop (sometimes known as Papa) and we just did what we wanted to. Visiting my Dad & Cory in California is a much different visit than going to Orange County. We love going to OC because there are so many people to see- old neighbors, friends and family, but those trips always seemed rushed. Fun, of course, but rushed. This time there was no one else to see. So, we didn't have to run from place to place and then feel bad that we didn't spend enough time with one person.

While we were visiting Pop & Grammy, AJ got to just be a little boy. He got to help Pop mow the lawn, ride in a wheelbarrow, and became friends with their cats, Lucy, Pip & Dragster. We don't have any cats (and we never will as I'm allergic) so it was cute to see him with them. He was really gentle most of the time and they were very nice to AJ.

Pop got AJ his first Big Wheel and we weren't so sure that AJ would ride it. His legs weren't long enough to reach the pedals, and I thought it might scare him. NOT SO... He LOVED IT! He couldn't pedal, but he loved when we pushed him and he could "walk" himself on it. Fun times...

We also went to a nearby farm a few times so AJ could see the goats, sheep, lambs, donkey's, peacocks, ducks and other animals. It's a small farm- perfect for AJ. We brought lettuce and carrots to feed them and AJ just wanted to watch us do that. He wasn't quite sure he wanted to do it himself :) The best part of the barn was that they had a little market with the BEST cherry pie! YUM!!

One day, Pop, AJ & I headed to the beach which was wondeful! It was super foggy in the morning, but it didn't matter. Pop & AJ played in the sand while I went for a run, then after we all played near the water, throwing rocks and writing in the sand. At one point, we didn't think we were TOO close to the water, but it sneaked up on us quickly and we all walked away with soaked feet! It was pretty funny actually.

The last day we were there was a ton of fun too. In the morning AJ helped Grammy Cory with some gardening (in his PJ's!) and the later in the day he got to play with the hose while we all watched. I tell ya, it doesn't take much to make this kid happy!  He was in HEAVEN! He was cracking up and just having a blast! It was awesome to watch!

Getting the lay of the land with Pop & Grammy
Not so sure of those donkeys...

His BIKE!!!

Is is having fun or what???

Checking out the waves with Pop
Mowing! He was SO serious!

Wheelbarrow ride!FUN!!
Kisses for Mama! The best!

Gardening with Grammy

Let the fun begin!

He's so funny!