Friday, October 25, 2013

Anderson Farms! 2013

We had another fun time at Anderson Farms last weekend! I think this may have been our 4th year? I'm not sure, but I am sure that if you want to go back thru this blog you'll be able to figure it out! I should do that, huh?
Anyway- it was a cold day, as you can see! It was fun tho!
Barrel Car rides are always fun!

This was FUN!!! And a great workout too!

This is his "scared" face.. haha!

Love that smile

Hay ride with Dad!

Warming up with hot chocolate while searching for the perfect pumpkin!


We found 4...

Thursday, October 24, 2013

California October 2013

AJ and I took a week long trip to California to visit family. We had a REALLY good time! Before I get into the trip, I have to start by saying that AJ's Papa passed away from cancer about a week before we got there. Papa was such a wonderful, caring and thoughtful man. He and AJ had such a special relationship and I know AJ will miss him terribly. Dave had been battling cancer for about 4 years and we knew it would eventually take him, but it wasn't until a few weeks before he passed that my mom realized it would be so soon. We had planned to spend time with Papa in California, knowing it would likely be the last time AJ got to spend time with him. A few days before we left, my mom said he may or may not be alive. Selfishly, I did not want AJ to see him laying on his death bed. At the same time I didn't want to go to California and AJ not see him. It ended up that Dave passed and obviously we didn't have a choice.
I explained to AJ what happened. I tried my very best to be honest, but not too graphic. I think it's important that I don't lie to him or make up words that he may not understand. He knew that Papa had a bad back and so I explained that he had cancer (he had heard of that before and asked if Papa lost his hair) and that the cancer bugs had taken over his body and shut down his organs. I told him that now Papa was in Heaven and was no longer in pain. That he was up in Heaven with Buster and other family members and looking down us and smiling. (My mom told me that he asked her if when he died "did he just go up?" Her answer, which I thought was perfect, was "I think so") AJ was sad. He was and still is very sad, but he understands it. Over the past few weeks he has brought it up and he told me that he missed Papa a lot but was happy he wasn't hurting anymore. That he knew he will see him again. I have told AJ that I want him to continue to talk to us, ask questions and tell stories about Papa. We will miss him so much. Papa was very good to us.
Here is one of my favorite pics of AJ and Papa
This picture was this past June, for AJ's birthday. The last time they got to hang out.
OK... so, our California trip.....................

Matt, Kristin, Mom, AJ and I rented a Duffy boat and drove around Newport Beach.

My mom kept Papa's office the same so AJ could play in it. He and Papa used to play in here a lot. They both loved it!

AJ and Lexi. They seriously love each other!


On Monday, we went to Disneyland! It was great because the lines were short and the weather was great! 
AJ and Grandma on the tram

AJ's good friend from Preschool, Kelan, and his mom were there too so we spent most the day with them. It was such fun for AJ to have a buddy there!

Star Tours! (AJ hated it, Kelan LOVED it- kind of a theme for the day)

He did the Materhorn!!! He wasn't thrilled to do it, but I was proud of him!


Sword in the Stone! He tried so hard!

Parade time!
 After our trip to see Southern California, we headed up to the Central Coast where my Dad and Cory live. Matt drove us up there and we had lunch as this AMAZING fish house called Brophys. YUM!


It didn't take long for AJ to want a wheelbarrow ride! Think this may be his last one as he is getting HEAVY! (and Pop isn't getting any younger... )

These sneaky guys... eating cake!

Of course, we went to the Avila barn and fed animals

Love these people!

We also got ice cream. I told AJ about how when I was a kid I would get Bubble Gum ice cream and spit the gum into a cup while I ate the ice cream. Then, I'd eat all the gum. Of course, he tried it too :)


Pop and AJ love working in the garage. This time they made a cool car.

They cut, drilled, sanded..

The final project!

AJ and Grammy Cory worked really hard making adorable Despicable Me pumpkins

Check them out!

Pop busted out the drills and saw to carve a pumpkin with AJ. They had a blast getting messy!


The last night we had the family next door come over for dinner. These kids are always so kind to AJ. They've become friends!