Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Breckenridge with Matt & Kristin

This past weekend we had a great visit with Matt and Kristin. They came out Friday and stayed until Monday morning. It was a ton of fun! Friday, after work, we all went up to Breckenridge. Somehow we missed all the traffic and got up there in about 90 minutes! We went straight to Downstairs at Eric’s (our favorite place) and AJ got to play arcade games and eat pizza.

Saturday we headed to the mountain to ski and board. It was the warmest ski day I have seen in years! I am typically in 3 top layers and I was hot even in 2. AJ asked me to take off one of his layers too. Kristin snowboarded and Matt, Jason, AJ and I all skied. We stayed together for the most part and it was awesome! The snow was pretty slushy since it was so warm, but it was still a great time.

On the bus- headed to the mountain!


We found out that there was a band that was going to play on the mountain around 3pm. It was Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I’m not a huge fan, but they were really fun! Picture a bunch of people in their snow gear, drinking beers on the snow and dancing to the music. And then there was AJ and Matt having a snowball fight J

Jason, Me, AJ, Matt & Kristin


All of us with Summer & Guido who joined us for the weekend

Snowball fightin'

That night we got went back to the condo and hopped in the Jacuzzi for a bit. It was so relaxing! And so hot that we had to jump in the pool to cool off a few times! Then, after we washed up, we headed out to dinner. It was a LONG, but REALLY fun day. AJ fell asleep at the dinner table. I didn’t blame him.


Sunday we took our time getting up and then went to breakfast at the Blue Moose Café. DELISH! We walked around town for a bit and then headed home. After we unpacked, Jason had some work to do, so Matt, Kristin, AJ and I went to this awesome Biergarten in Castle Rock. We used to go there a lot and love it there. Matt and Kristin really wanted to try it out. It was snowing so we had to hang inside, but we had a few drinks and taught AJ how to play UNO. It was SO much fun! We probably played 20 games.


Monday the fun had to come to an end and Matt and Kristin had to leave. We had such a fun time hanging out with them. They are so good with AJ and he loves them so much!

Monday, April 14, 2014

From AJ's Kindergarten Teacher

Today AJ had the day off from school and all the kindergartners had "Kindergarten testing". I am not completely sure of what they do as they don't have the parents come back, but the kids get a 20 minute time slot where they go with their teacher and are tested on reading. They did this a few weeks before school started also and then again today. I imagine they use the 2 testing days to compare how much he has learned in the school year. This is an email from his teacher today:

"AJ knows all the 31 sight words he is best for our Kindies to be reading independently from at least a DRA level 3 or 4...he just ROCKED a level 6 and was reading from a level 8 with confidence!!!! Yay, AJ!!!!!!!!"

I just got online and see what DRA level 6 and 8 even mean and it means he's reading at almost a middle 1st grade level! YEAH AJ is right!!!
I am SO proud of our guy!