Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Kindie Day 1 Con't...

I had to post this..

Tonight, around 5pm, Mrs. Hayden sent all the parents an email telling us about how today went and just a few things that we need to tweak. Nothing major at all, and the day went great. So, I email her back and tell her thank you so much and that AJ had a great day.

She returns my email (which really, she didn't need to do because she should be home with her own 2 kids and husband) and the first thing she writes is, "What a GREAT kid you have!" Then she goes on to answer some of my questions and ends with "I adore your boy!"

How sweet is she?? I have talked to many other moms of kids who are starting at different schools and their kids love their teachers but the teachers aren't really reaching out or conversing with the parents. I feel so lucky that AJ's teacher is such a great communicator and so kind! I also love that only one day in, she sees what a great boy he is :) I love him!

Here's AJ today after school. He had this whole new confident look to him. Stood up taller, wanted to wear his backpack (with all the buckles done), walked me out of class, held the door for me ("ladies first!") and played at the playground for 30 minutes with friends. He grew up today :)

First Day of KINDERGARTEN!!!!!!!

Today is a BIG day for AJ! It's the first day of Kindergarten! He is so ready! On Monday we had a "practice recess" where we met his teacher and classmates and saw his classroom. He also got to play on the playground with his new friends while we met the teacher and went over some information. I think this was very helpful because it made today a much easier transition.
 His teacher is Mrs. Hayden and she is AMAZING. She's funny, quirky, full of energy and so fun. I'm thrilled that she's AJ's teacher. She calls the kids her "little friends" which I think is adorable.
I wasn't sure how today was going to go. Honestly, I was more worried about how I would be, sad as that is. I expected to be an emotional wreck, as I was already emotional on Monday's practice recess! But it went great! I met AJ and Jason in the parking lot and he was all dressed in his uniform with his cool Star Wars backpack on. He wasn't nervous one bit! Seeing him brought a tear to my eyes, but I pulled it together quickly.  I made him a little card he could keep in his pocket in case he got scared or missed me. We took some pictures, and walked in. He found the place to hang his backpack and then we took a few more pics, said hi to his teacher and then he sat down with his friends and listened to the teachers aide read books. He gave us hugs and kisses and that was that! He was champ!
Tonight we'll take him out to dinner to celebrate. I can't wait to hear about how his day goes! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO proud of this guy!
First day! Such a big guy!

AJ and Daddy

AJ and Mommy

Us 3

In his classroom

All the kids sitting together reading books.