Friday, June 24, 2011

Riding On His Scooter With The Big Kids!

BIG Weekend Ahead!

We've got a fun few days ahead of us! It's time to celebrate AJ's THIRD birthday! Seriously- how did he get to be 3 already?! Time really does go too fast.....

I'm starting to realize that because his birthday is on a Monday, we'll probably be celebrating for 3 days. Tomorrow is his birthday party and I think it's going to be a ton of fun. We're having a pirate theme party since he's TOTALLY into pirates. He calls it a "Jake" party because his favorite cartoon is Disney's, Jake and the Never land Pirates. Because this show is so new, they don't make party decorations for it, so we're doing a pirate theme. I'm trying to make it as young as possible- there will be skeletons, but mainly we're trying to go with treasure maps and treasure chests.

Tonight we did the last minute preparations for the party- AJ and Papa put all the candy in the pinata and they had a great time doing it! Here's a little video of that:

Then Grandma got home and started helping them:

Then, on Sunday, we're doing his 3 year pictures with our favorite photographer Nikkie. She's done all of AJ's pictures since he was 10 months and she's fantastic! She's going to try to do an urban theme- alley ways, barns, and buildings as a background. I'm sure they'll be great!

On Monday, AJ's actual birthday, Jason and I are going to take him to breakfast (because Jason travels that night) and then I'll take the day off and go with him to My Gym, lunch and then swimming lessons later than afternoon. Maybe we'll do dinner too- just have to see if we can fit it all in.

I'm so proud of our boy! And I'm really looking forward to celebrating him all weekend!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I've decided its time to start giving AJ jobs. He needs to have some responsibility and some accountability. So, I think we're doing to do a penny jar. I originally thought about doing a sticker chart when when he does his "jobs" he gets a sticker, but he's also very into money- although he doesn't quite get the concept, he does know that we use money to buy things.

This morning we started the penny jar. When he does something that is considered his job he gets a penny in the jar. Then, when he gets enough pennies to get to a line on the jar (I haven't quite figured that part out yet) he'll get to go to the store and get a "special prize". Again, it's a work in progress, but today it worked pretty well.

Here's a few jobs that I'd like him to do:

1. Put his dirty clothes in the hamper
2. Get himself dressed in the morning
3. Clean up his toys

We'll see how it goes! I'll keep ya posted

Funny Kid

More things he has said:

* Yesterday, AJ was standing on the couch jumping around- something he's not allowed to do- and I said, "Honey, please don't jump on the couch. You're going to get hurt, trust me! Do you trust me?" He replied, "I do. Sometimes I do. Sometimes I don't" hahah

* He's entered the ignoring stage. He ignores me ALL the time and it makes me crazy. "AJ, are you hungry? Honey.... do you want something to eat? AJ? AAAAAAJJJJJJ? HONEY! Do you want to eat? Yes? No? And he responds, "yes, no, maybe so?" hahha!

* Many times when I tell AJ something- for example, "It's really windy outside today", he will respond with, "I did not know that!"

* After reading books, he'll close the book and say, "That was a great story!"

* His new thing is this telling me that everything is a "great idea!" AJ, do you want to go to swim lessons today? Yes! That's a great idea!