Friday, July 1, 2011

"Happy Birthday To You"

The night of AJ"s birthday, we sat outside and made smores :)

I AM 3!!!

Guess what!? I am three! And last weekend, I had my birthday party! Well, actually- it was more like a birthday long weekend. I celebrated a bunch! Here are some highlights from my party:
We had my party at Gemstone Park- it's this great park that I go to a lot with Grandma. It's super close to her house. There are swings, a big playground, a huge grass aread and all kinds of fun things. Here's a picture of my grandma and some of my good friends. I like the ladies.... :)

Here's me and my Dad. See the cake he made! It was AWESOME!

Isn't it cool?

Tasted super yummy too!

Here's me with my mom. I wasn't really in a picture mood that day, but I was with all my friends, playing, eating a ton of candy and cake and having fun. Why would I want to stop and take pictures!

See what I mean?

Papa Tom came to visit me for my special day. I had SUCH a great time with him!

My mom got this cool treasure chest that I got to hit with a bat. All the kids got a turn...

We had to be patient and safe while the kids had their turns...

And then... CANDY!!!!

And presents!!!

And finally everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to me and we got to eat the cake!

My mom got me a bike :) It's a Mickey Mouse bike :)

And this is my friend Riley. He plays La Crosse and so he got me my own set! I'm soooo excited about this! Riley is such an amazing friend!

After the party, I played with my Dad on the swings. What a great day!

Here's a video of when we did the pinata- so fun!