Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Pop!!!

Today is Pop's birthday- AJ wanted to wish him a great day and show him some yoga :)

AJ And His Best Friend, Dax

Boy Talk

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Update on Things

It's been a while since I've posted an update on "All Things AJ" so here goes:

* He is REALLY talking...a lot! The wheels in his brain are constanting turning and he's trying to hard to put short sentences together. And they actually make sense. The other day he saw a "blue trash truck". I was pretty impressed because it was the first time I've heard him put 3 words together.

* Fridays are the BEST days for AJ. It'st trash day. He's obsessed with trash trucks. This past Friday we were making lunch and I heard the trash truck down the street. I grabbed AJ and we ran out front to watch them. He could hear the truck, but at first couldn't see it. He was SOOOO excited. Running back and forth on our porch and looking at me with these BIG excited eyes. He makes me crack up! Then, when he finally did see the truck, he was waving to the men, and then showing with his hands how they pick up the trash and dump it.

* We've been having some really fun mornings lately- AJ will wake up (still much earlier than I'd like) and I'll bring him in my bed and we watch cartoons together. Barney is his #1 right now. The other day we were playing hide n seek under the covers. He's so fun!

* AJ loves to look at pictures of the family. He can point out pretty much everyone and I remind him of things we've done with family and different vacations we've taken. He acts like he knows what I'm talking about, but who knows?

* When anyone asks "How are you?", AJ will answer "TWO!" :)

* AJ is really getting back into reading books. And he likes to read them to me. He opens the book and just starts to babble and then he looks at me with this huge smile. He's so proud of himself :)

Playing with Daxie

I found this tractor in someone elses trash! AJ was in heaven!