Friday, October 5, 2012

AJ's First Soccer Party!

AJ and his buddy Luke
Us 3- VERY proud of our boy!
With his trophy!
Listening to to Coach Jenn talk about how AJ is such a nice boy, and always so concerned when other team mates fall down. He's such a helper! She really hopes he continues to play in the Spring.
Proud boy!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

Out of nowhere, Saturday night, AJ starts singing this. More like yelling. And it was HILARIOUS! I think he did it about 5 more times :)

Root, root, root for the ROCKIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excellent Fall Weekend!

AJ and I had such an amazing weekend. It was truly unforgettable. He was a really great boy, and he was so brave and tried new things. The weather has cooled down a lot and thanks to the change of seasons, our state is just beautiful and full of fun things to do!

On Saturday morning, we decided to attempt to climb Castle Rock. AJ and I drive by it almost daily because it's on our way home and we have talked about climbing it before. I always knew AJ could do it, but he was very into being carried everywhere until not too long ago and there was NO WAY I could or would carry him. Plus, it was a blazing hot summer and I didn't have much desire to be outside, much less hiking in that heat. When I asked him Friday night if he wanted to climb it, I made it very clear that if we did it, I was not carrying him. I told him we didn't have to get to the top, but no matter what, he had to walk. He was cool with that. The climb is really only about 1/2 mile up, but for a 4 year old, it can be quite steep. That morning when we set out, it was only in the high 60's. I packed snacks and water and we headed out.

I am so happy to say that he did the whole thing! He ran and skipped up most of it. We brought a bag with us to pick up any trash we found- we've been doing this a lot lately and we both find it very gratifying. When he picks up trash, I tell him the Earth thanks him- and he does it to me too:) We took a few water breaks, but he never complained or asked to be carried. We looked around from up top, talked about how beautiful the trees are, pointed out places in the city that he would know (his school, Dad's house, our house, the library, etc..). Then we headed down. That part, surprisingly enough was a bit tougher for him. There was a lot of gravel on the trail and he was slipping a lot. He got tired and wanted to be held, but I never did. I can't carry him much at all anymore. He's 40 POUNDS!

About 1/2 way up. Taking a water break and check out the city.

Made it to the top!

Then later than day, we met up with Ki, Dax and Skylar at the park where the boys played, ate lunch and rode bikes for over 2 hours. They had a great time! (see video's in the previous post).

Sunday, we went to our favorite fall place, Anderson Farms! This is our 3rd year and it was just as good. Because we went so early in the season there were not nearly the amount of people there. It was wonderful! No lines! We went with our friends The Zambrano's, and Ki and the boys. The kids did the corn maze, the hay maze, barrel train, tractor to the pumpkin patch, rode bikes in the farm, and took a tractor ride out to see the pumpkin launcher. It was awesome!

Here are some pictures:

Ashlyn, Kellyn, Braylon and AJ headed to the farm!

We made it!

Barrel Train!

Children of the Corn

Bike rides!
We went on another bike where AJ got to ride in the back and make me do all the work! Was so fun!

Such a beautiful pumpkin patch!

These kids are crazy!

They had a big dance party on here for a while and then all jumped off!

Love us!

The whole group!

He Rides a Bike!

Up until now, AJ hasn't shown much interest in riding a bike. When he was two, his great-grandma Betty got him a Big Wheel, but his legs weren't long enough and he wasn't too interested in learning to ride it. At three, I bought him a Mickey Mouse bike with training wheels and he still really didn't want to ride. I tried to talk him into it, but he rarely would try. At times, I'd bring it to the park across the street (because we don't have a yard, this is where we have to ride) and he said he would ride, but then the playground was more fun for him.

Just last week, I took him to get his own skis and boots to prepare for the upcoming ski season (Because he WILL love skiing!) and that day when we got home he was really into his new helmet. I told him he could use it when he rides his bike too. This seemed to peak his interest. We went outside and he practiced. Of course, he was very unsteady because he hadn't practiced much. I was SUPER proud that he wanted to try and had a great time. I was thrilled he didn't fall. I didn't want him to get hurt of course, but I also wanted him to gain some confidence and keep doing it.

Here's him the first day :

After a while, I realized the bike he has, a 10 inch bike, is just way too small. He can ride it, but I can't raise the seat anymore and because the wheels are so small and seat is so low, he can't start off without a push. He just doesn't have the leg muscles to do it yet. I decided since he was really getting into it- even taking the bike to the park with his buddy Dax and riding it a much longer distance- it was time to get him a bigger bike. We looked many placed this weekend and of course, in Colorado it's really not time to buy a  bike. Therefore, no consignment stores had them and they weren't on sale. UGH! Oh well, I think it was a good investment. This bike is a 14" bike and it is so much easier for him to ride. Check out some videos of him getting better and better on is new Avengers bike :) I am beyond proud!

Biker Boys! (Dax, AJ & Skylar)

Proud boy!

Right before we bought the new bike:

Practicing with his Avengers bike!

Went to the park and he did SO WELL!