Saturday, March 19, 2011

He's Playing Us!

Today, I went to Jason's to pick up AJ and this was our conversation when I arrived:

Me: AJ! You're getting too big! Can you please stop growing up and stay my little boy?
AJ: No mom. I want to get REALLY REALLY REALLY tall!
Me: No!! Pleeeease, stay little! I love my little boy!
AJ: NO! Daddy, can I get really tall?
Jason: Yep
AJ: Mom, Daddy said I can get really tall!

It was pretty funny. I realized this was the first time he played Jason and I against each other :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Oh Puppy....Where Are You???

AJ is addicted to Puppy and Bear. They go everywhere with us. To Daddy's. To Jamie's. In the car. Sometimes to the store. They are part of our family. And I didn't realize until tonight just how much I am addicted to them. Tonight, when we first got back to Grandma and Papa's house, AJ went straight downstairs to see Papa. I had bags of stuff in my hands along with dinner so I was busy unloading and getting things done. A few hours had past- we had dinner, watched a movie and played outside- and it was time to read stories before bed, like we always do. I put AJ in his pajamas and as I was putting him in his bed, I said to him "Here's Bear.... where's Puppy??" I knew we got him from Jamie's this afternoon, but where was he? I didn't panic yet, but I wondered where he could be. AJ didn't seem too concerned at that point, but I went out to my car to see if by chance I'd left him in there. Nope- not there. I checked the kitchen again. Nope. So, I went back to AJ and said, "I don't know where he is honey, but I'll find him later". I knew that wouldn't last very long, but we got thru the stories and I got time to think about where Puppy might be. Then, after stories, he asked me. "Mom, where's Pup?" And I suddenly had this fear. Had I left him in the store? (No, because we only brought Bear in the store) Was he somewhere in the house lost all night and Lexi had eaten Puppy as a snack? (Thank God, no.... this was a huge fear tho!) Then....I remembered! When we first got here, AJ went directly downstairs to see Papa! And I remember he was holding Puppy because my hands were so full. DING DING DING!!! He was in the basement! So, I ran down there to get him and even I was beyond thrilled to see this guy. At this point, I realized how much I love good ole' Pup! As I walked back upstairs, I heard AJ calling for me. I said, "I'm coming honey- I found Puppy" He responded "YEAH!!". So, I gave Puppy to AJ and he giggled with excitement and told me "I'm SUPER happy you found Puppy". I love him :)

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Pizza! Pizza!

Today was the one year anniversary of our favorite pizza joint here in Castle Rock- Boulevard Pizza. We're regulars... In fact, we go there so much that I'm getting a little tired of the pizza. But it's such a family friendly hang out and their food is sooo good!

The owners put on this great little anniversary party complete with face painting and a huge bounce house! A lot of our friends went too, which made it even better.

Here's a few pictures:
Climbing up the ladder...

Down the slide!

Taking a raisin break :)

Ready to go again!