Sunday, January 20, 2013

Super Fun Weekend!

Last weekend was so much fun! Uncle Matt came to visit us! Friday night we went to dinner and hung out with some friends. Then, Saturday, Matt was nice enough to spend the ENTIRE day with AJ. Jason and I went to the Broncos game and Matt & AJ went to Chuck E Cheese, wrestled, watched the game and played for hours. We left early AND the game went into overtime. They had a great time though and were warm while Jason and I froze our butts off (think negative temps) and watched the Bronco's blow the game! Regardless, it was a fantastic day for all.
Just got to the stadium.... not frozen yet.

A few drinks in..preparing to go to our seats

Our seats were insanely good- this picture doesnt' even do it justice...


Cheering on the Broncos from Chuck E Cheese!

Then, on Sunday we all went up to Loveland to ski! Matt and I had planned to ski together, but decided last minute to take AJ up with us. I knew that AJ would LOVE to ski with Matt. And he was excited that Daddy wanted to join us too! It was another FREEZING cold day- it was negative 3 on the way up and I think it may have gotten to 7 degrees while we were there? AJ was a total trooper though. At first, he was just way too cold to want to go out, so he and Jason went in for hot chocolate while Matt and I did a few runs. Once AJ was warm, he got his gear back on and we all headed up for a few runs together. He did EVEN BETTER this time. I know I am his mom, but I truly can see a signifcant improvement each time we go. I said it before, and I mean it- I don't care if he is good or bad, I am just so happy he enjoys it and has fun! That is what matters to me. He was happy to watch Matt and I do a few runs before we headed home too. It was really such a fun weekend! We were so happy that Matt came to spend time with us!

Ready to hit the moutain!

Warming up with Dad
Holy moly it was COLD!!!
All the guys!

Here are a few videos Jason took: