Friday, October 3, 2008

He is teething...

Yes, it's true. Anderson is teething. Thought I cannot see it in his gums, he's showing every sign. He chews on ANYTHING that comes near his mouth- burp rags while I'm trying to clean his mouth, toys, my shirt, my finger, his fingers..ANYTHING! He's drooling like crazy. He's also SUPER unhappy which breaks my heart because he's in so much pain. He's also sleeping a lot but I have no clue if this means anything.... I think perhaps because it takes so much energy to cry and be unhappy, this makes him sleep a little more?? Poor thing... I called the doctor today and spoke to the nurse who told me to give him Tylenol every 4 hours if needed and gave me some advice on what to give him to help. I have a few frozen wash clothes and some chamomile tablets for him to help soothe him. I feel so bad because he really IS such a happy baby, but it's hard to see that right now because most of the day he's either super fussy or asleep. Let's hope it breaks through quickly so we can go back to happy days!

Pictures of the Day

Happy Baby!


Tummy Time

The Importance of Naps

Anderson has finally gotten into somewhat of a nap routine. We have learned that he needs one pretty early in the morning- 9am ish- and then a LONG nap-3 hours or so- in the afternoon. If he gets both, we're doing good and he's happy. Well, yesterday I learned JUST how important both naps are....

I had plans to meet up with some former co-workers for lunch at 11:30. AJ and I took the dogs for a long walk (in the Baby Bjorn of course) around 8:30am and by the time we got back we both needed to shower and get dressed and out the door. Well, that meant no nap; or at least I thought he could nap in the car on the way...

I tried to shower- I got about 3 minutes to do so before AJ was screaming. I put him under his Baby Einstein play mat that he typically loves and he hated it. So, I quickly got out and held and fed him thinking I could get a few minutes to dress and dry my hair. That only worked for a second, so I figured I should give him a bath and get him dressed really quickly so he could nap while I got ready. He WAILED while I took off his clothes, so I didn't bath him; just changed his clothes. Finally after he puked on me and I changed again, I got out the door. I wasn't looking or smelling good, but I got out. I left early so he could get some extra sleep. I thought he'd pass out once the car got moving- once again, no such luck! He just screamed and screamed.

So, sadly I had to cancel lunch because I just knew he would be awake and screaming at lunch. I know I did the right thing though because once I got home, he passed out in his crib for 3 hours! He was SUPER tired! Then he slept great again last night. Point is, he needs 2 naps!

As much as I was bummed to cancel lunch, I feel like at least I did learn that lesson- not to push it because then no one wins.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why does he HATE the stroller?

I just cannot figure out why Anderson hates all strollers! He cries every single time I put him in his car seat (part of his regular stroller), hates it when he's in the regular stroller strolling around and today we took him on a walk with the dogs in his jogging stroller (which by the way he looks SOO little in) and he cried the ENTIRE time- in fact we cut the walk short because he was so upset! I've checked them all for nails, pins and anything sharp, but found nothing. Does he just hate being strapped in? The only thing he does like is the Baby Bjorn and he may not even "like" it, but it puts him to sleep so he tolerates it. He better learn to like the stroller soon because we need to use it!!! :)

He Rolled Over?

This morning, after I fed Anderson, I put him back in his crib on his tummy- like I've been doing for a few days now. Well, I got back to my bed and looked at the monitor and he was on his back! How'd he do that???

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So, it's not THROUGH the night but...

Ya, I think sadly it was a fluke that Anderson slept so well the past few nights. He certainly doesn't sleep "thru the night" yet. He does sleep better than he ever has and I think that is due to him liking sleeping on his tummy, rather than his back. Whenever I would put him in his crib on his back, he would either wake right up, or wake up within an hour or so. Now, we've been putting him in his crib on his tummy for about 4 days and he sleeps for a minimum of 3 hours at night (90 mins or so nap time). He has always enjoyed sleeping on my chest- I think it's the feeling of being secure- so this must be the same thing for him.

The only problem with this is that it's a bit scary for Jason & I. Before we had AJ we went to many classes at our hospital and they put serious fears into our heads about sleeping on the tummy. But I remind myself that 20 years ago most kids slept on their tummy. We also have a video monitor so I can watch AJ at all time if I need to. The other thing is that he is SO strong, I have no doubt that if he needed to, he could lift his head. All that being said, of course I still worry about his safety.

So, while he's not sleeping through the night, Anderson is sleeping in about 3-4 hour stretches consistently and he goes right back to sleep after I feed him. So, I am getting more sleep now that I have since having him. I am happy with this :)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Growth Spurt?

I think Anderson may be going through another growth spurt... He's been sleeping A LOT lately. Last night, we put him to bed around 9pm, he woke at 1am and at 5am and then for the morning around 7:15am. Pretty good! Then he was out again around 9:30 and up at 10:30am. Then he slept again from about 1pm- 3pm. We were out and about for a few hours and then he was cranky and asleep again at 6pm. Up again for about 10 minutes and then I put him to bed for the night (I think?) at 7:30pm. I feel like he slept more today than he was awake! So, part of me is freaked out that I could be up all night, and the other part of me thinks he's growing... Hum...I don't know!

AJ has also been spitting up a lot today- he and I have changed outfits 2 or 3 times. Ahh, the lovely smell of spit up! UGH! I feel bad for the little man though, I hope he feels ok!

Playing Around