Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Rodeo!

AJ and I went to the National Western Stock Show again this year and we had FUN! I think this is our 3 year- maybe our 2nd, I can't remember- and as with most things, the older he gets, the more fun we have.

I told him beforehand that I'd get him a cowboy hat- and I really thought I'd be wasting my money. He rarely keeps a hat on his head. Only when it's snowing. So, when we tried on hats today, I saw $20 bucks going down the drain. Much to my surprise, he wore the hate the ENTIRE day. Only time he took it off is when the gal sang the National Anthem before the rodeo. He looked so darn cute!

We had PERFECT seats at the rodeo- smack dab in the center, 1st row. It was incredible! Maybe a bit too close in fact, as we got smacked in the face with dirt (hopefully it was dirt) a few times when the horses ran by.

At first, before the rodeo, AJ wasn't too into it. They shut the lights out in the stadium and had fireworks and that scared him. He started to cry and kept saying he wanted to leave. But once the lights came on, and he was watching the bucking broncos he loved it! We sat there for almost 2 hours and watched all the events and ate popcorn. Super fun!

Then, after the rodeo, we went to the other building to pet some farm animals and he got to play on the little indoor playground. He was excellent and we had a wonderful day! Love this time I get to spend with AJ.
Ready for the rodeo to begin!


Brushing the sheep

Wouldn't be the same without some time spent on a tractor..

Such a cowboy!

Monday, January 9, 2012

2nd Trip to the Dentist

AJ went to the dentist again today- he did SO well. He was happy, and wasn't scared. We need to keep working on brushing- and flossing. But all is well!