Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy About Being Pregnant Because...

Well, today is my "official" due date and I figure rather than write about how miserable I am and how I can't wait to meet AJ, I should write about all the great things about being pregnant. A little reminder to myself I guess. Here goes:

*I have had a VERY easy pregnancy- some morning sickness, but thats about it
*AJ & I have been healthy the entire time- never once got a cold, test negative for all routine tests, never had high BP, his heartbeat was found and at a good rate since my first US, etc..
*I haven't gained an enormous amount of weight- only about 20lbs
*I bought a whole new wardrobe- sure it was maternity, but it was shopping right?
*It's been a great excuse to eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING in sight- the word diet has not been in my vocabulary for 10 months
*NO stretchmarks yet (I say yet because I've heard you can still get them after birth- fingers crossed I don't!)
*I've been all around a much happier person
*Jason has really shown what a wonderful, supportive, loving husband he is and I have no doubt that will carry over into who he is as a father
*People have come out of the wood works to show their generosity- it's been just amazing
*Seeing my families excitement and joy about having a baby in the near future has been incredible. It's so fun to be able to give them their have the first grandchild (and nephew, etc).
*I have FINALLY joined my great friends in this journey of parenthood and it's so great to know that I'll be able to get advice from them.
*Lastly, after many years of not understanding, I FINALLY get why when all us girls go on a shopping day together, it never fails that we have as much fun or more at Baby Gap or Gymboree as we do at Banana Republic or Nordys!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Tomorrow is the day....

Yep, tomorrow is June 21st..My official due date. I honestly don't feel like anything is going to happen. I'm SOOOOOOO sick of being pregnant! I'm getting bigger and bigger each day and as much as I could handle that the past 9 months, I'm done with it now. It's not even just my belly- but my legs, arms, face- everything is still getting bigger! Please AJ, just come out already!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Why Am I So Tired??

Well ya, I'm 39 weeks pregnant so that could be it, but I feel so much more tired and slow moving today than I did yesterday. Strange... Last night I was out pretty late hanging out down the street with some neighbors until about 11pm just talking and stuff. It was a REALLY hot day yesterday and ended up being such a beautiful night- around 60 or so- so Jason and I just went out to chat and ended up staying out late. Our friends Jeff & Kena and Sharon & Dan were outside with their little girls and they were ALL feeling my belly, talking to the baby, feeling him hiccup and poking him. It was sooo cute! At times I had 5 hands on my belly at once. Such a cute experience.

Today I woke up exhausted, but forced myself to walk the dogs- they need it and I need it. That was the beginning of the end tho. After that I crashed. I took it easy for a few hours and again forced myself to make some meals to freeze. I figured I couldn't lay on the couch ALL day... I am pretty proud of myself as I made Jason's mom's Enchilada Casserole (Thanks Donna!) and 2 batches of Manicotti. I'm not much of a cook and these are both totally new to me- so we'll see how they work out! They look good tho.

After that task, it was straight to the couch for a much needed 2 hour nap. Now we're heading to watch our friends 5 year old twins in their 1st T-ball game- should be fun!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Need to find things to do....

Well, I hate to admit it, but I'm officially bored... I am running outta thing to do with myself! I don't want to be working by any means, but I hadn't planned anything for this week cause I was sooo sure I was having this baby! No such luck. My house is pretty clean and honestly I am sick of cleaning, and I am caught up on scrapbooking, can't really shop for anything at this point and while I COULD go to the community pool and lay out, I'm a COW right now! Not feeling like throwing on a bathing suit! hahahh. So... My day today is going to consist of hitting the grocery store and making a few meals I can freeze for when AJ arrives and catching up on some TIVO- boooorring!

Now that I'm thinking about it- what WILL I do tomorrow??? I suppose I will spend the day today thinking about that :)

9 days to go...MAX!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

At LEAST there is a light at the end of the tunnel...

I was REALLY hoping to go to my doctors appt today and get some great news- like I was dilated or that there was SOME change from the past 2 weeks, but I got nothing...Same ole stuff- I'm not dilated, not progressing, but again thankfully we are both healthy.

Here's the scoop:
I'm holding strong at 20lbs- so I quickly went to Del Taco for lunch- hahah! Dr. Chu said that he's still head down, that she doesn't think his head is too big and that she doesn't see any reason why he wouldn't fit into the birth canal. She thinks he's long which I was happy about. Her educated guess is that he's probably about 7lbs and I expressed my concern about him being TOO big to fit. She said that at most he'll gain about another pound before delivery so not to worry too much about that (I was 9.7lbs and Jason was 8.5lbs- you can see why I'm worried) My main concern about being induced is that I have 24 hours of hard labor only to find out that I need a C-section. She said that it's possible, but that the chances are very minimal- about 5%. I can handle that..

So, she decided to get me "on the books" for an induction just in case he doesn't EVER feel like coming out. I have my last appt next Wednesday June 25th with Dr. Zart who I really love and then if there is still no change I will go into the hospital Thursday June 26th at 8:30pm to get this whole thing going. That night they'll trying to soften my cervix and then start the induction meds on Friday the 27th meaning that would be AJ's BIRTHDAY! There is a possibility that I'll go to my appt on Wednesday and she'll tell me I don't need to come in until Friday and that my cervix is already softening, but she wanted to get the appt scheduled anyway.

This gives at MAX 10 more days of being pregnant, which I can handle (not like I have much choice) I am going to work on changing my attitude from "WHEN WILL HE GET HERE???" to "ONLY 10 MORE DAYS!"

Then there is always the possibility of him just coming out on his own- which would be the best case scenario. You never know?

Monday, June 16, 2008

Fathers Day

A little late, Happy Fathers Day! I think Jason had a nice day- his real celebration and gift was his guys weekend last weekend, but we still did a little celebrating. I made us a nice breakfast, got him 2 cigars and a book about being a Dad. He worked in the yard for a few hours- it was REALLY HOT but all the neighbors were out so it was just another reminder of how lucky we are to live here. Such great people around us.

Then we went to see The Incredible Hulk. I'm not into super hero movies at all, and would have begged not to see it- but heck, it was Fathers Day. I think I've done my fair share of seeing GUY movies lately... The movie in my opinion wasn't that great- I liked Iron Man better- However, I liked Sex and The City better than both combined :)

During the movie I started to feel really crappy- I wasn't sure if it was baby related or the fact that I'd eaten an icee, some popcorn and Reece's Pieces- but I wanted to puke! So, we got home and I still wasn't feeling well- my stomach was killing me and so tight. I think I actually was having contractions cause they continued throughout the night and even this morning. So I napped a little, had an apple for dinner and then tried to sleep. Went to bed at like 8:30 and didn't fall asleep until after 11. At least the Lakers won tho huh?

So today starts another week off work without a baby.... I've decided that I'm going to enjoy this time and not try to RUSH the baby out. Will it really be possible to wake up when I want, take the dogs on a leisurely stroll and then water the yard while listening to the birds chirp after he's born? Probably not for a while- so I will enjoy this while I can.

Jason keeps asking me what my plan is for the week- what I'll be doing and asking if I'm bored. I kinda am I guess, but I can always find things to do (or clean) So today I think I may get a Mani/Pedi. Shoot- I deserve it right?? haha! Then who knows what I'll do....

Have another doctors appt tomorrow and I'm REALLY looking forward to it. It'll be a big appt to see if I'm dilated, try to find out how big he is and plan a date of induction if needed. Updates later! :)