Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Castle Rock Star Lighting 2012

We look forward to the star lighting every year! It's always so much fun :) This year we decided to do it as a family- Jason and I get along so well anyway and AJ loves when we're all together. We went with our good friends the Zambrano family. It was awesome!

We were lucky enough to have really nice weather! The sun was out and it was warm for the most part. In fact everyone was walking around talking about how nice the weather was. We got there around 3:30 and the kids got to do a bunch of crafts, eat a ton of candy, and went down a blow up slide. They had a blast just hanging out together and playing. I always love this night because it makes Castle Rock feel very "small town". We see neighbors and friends as we walk thru the closed down streets checking out the vendors. They lit the star around 5:30 and then after had an awesome firework show- since we didn't have fireworks in July due to all of our fires.

After we all went back to Jason's for pizza and more fun play time for the kids. Here's a few pics.

The boys- the sun was down and it was getting a bit chillier

Us 3 :)

AJ, Kellyn and Braylon