Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"I Apologize"

This was a conversation between AJ and I a few days ago... (back story- I was exhausted for some reason and AJ had this party blower that he was playing with. That wasn't a problem till he started blowing it in my face. Over and over and over...)
Me: AJ, please stop blowing that in my face.
AJ: bloooooooowww
Me: AJ, I mean it. Please stop doing that.
AJ: bloooooowwwww
Me: AJ, seriously. I really want you to stop blowing that in my face, right now!
AJ: bllllooooowwww (hehehh!)
Me: If you do that ONE MORE TIME, you're going to time out. I'm serious! (I was quite stern and serious)

He stands back, takes a moment to think and then says..."Mom, I apologize" And he didn't do it again :)

It was really a great way to change my attitude. I was tired and kinda cranky- not that he should have done that to me especially after I'd asked him not to 3 times. But his apology and the way that he did it all on his own and with so much sincerity really made me so proud and so happy. I told him how thankful I was and how much I appreciated it. Such a nice boy:)

Easter 2012

We had an awesome Easter! We woke up early and AJ was so excited to see that the Easter bunny had come! In his basket were some really awesome things; a great Veggie Tales book, Star wars & Spiderman underwear, pool toys, a new place mat, and of course candy. After he looked through it all he started to realize that the bunny also hid all of his eggs he had decorated the day before, so he started to hunt for them :)  Here's a little video on some of it:

AJ started to get a little cold that morning so I changed our plans and he went to Grandmas while I went to church. They had fun playing for a bit and then after church we all headed down to Kris & Joy's house for brunch. It's become our tradition and it's always so fun! The kids all play so well together and the adults chat, eat and drink mimosas :) Then, after brunch, we have another egg hunt outside (we got VERY lucky with great weather). AJ decided he'd be Batman the entire day which was pretty darn cute! After that, he and Maddy played in the sprinklers :) It was truly a great day!