Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Books Galore!

Last week I decided it was time to revamp AJ’s books. I buy him a new book once in a while, but I realized he still has books that are 3 years old in his bookcase. Some he likes to read- but they are way too young for him- and some he doesn’t even know are still there. A few times a year I try to get rid of books, but it’s so emotional for me. I can’t bear to get rid of books given to us from special friends and I often think someday he will want to read a certain book again. So, that means I never end up getting rid of any books!
I found a little space in his closet where I can store some older books and make room in his bookcase for new ones, so I headed to Barnes and Noble. I went there with a few ideas of what I wanted to look for. I wanted to look at Froggy books (he LOVES Froggy), books about family, Veggie Tales and while I was there I realized there were some other great topics for him too.

I’m a little embarrassed to say I got AJ 9 books! On top of that, I went to the library and checked out about 8 more! I got him Froggy Learns to Swim, Froggy goes to Hawaii, Froggy Rides a Bike, The Family Book, The Earth Book, The I Love You Book, Veggie Tales, I Can Be Your Friend, Star Wars Clone Wars, Underpants Thunderpants, SpongeBob (side note- we don’t watch this show and this was from the library because he begged me for it), a book about space and planets and a few others I can’t remember.

Here are my thoughts on some of these books:

Froggy books- AJ is in swim lessons and is mentally struggling with them (he can totally DO it, but really doesn’t want to) so I thought this would help. He also is almost 4 and not at all interested in learning to ride a bike. I figured this may encourage him? And, we’re going to Hawaii in October, so maybe this would give him some info on it. We haven’t read that one yet.

The Family Book- This is an awesome book for AJ. Actually, for any kid. It talks about how every family is different, but we all love some of the same things. Some families live in big houses, some in small. Some have 2 mommies or 2 daddies, and some only have 1. Some families are the same color and some are different. But ALL families love to celebrate! ALL families love to give hugs! It’s a wonderful book  In fact, come to think of it, it may be a great book to give as gifts to his friends.

The Earth Book- To be honest, I only checked this out at the library because it was from the same author as The Family Book and The I Love You Book. I didn’t even open it when I checked it out, but I’m so happy we got it! It’s a book that teaches about how to be good to the Earth by recycling, turning off water when brushing our teeth, turn lights off, and not to waste food (this is a problem we have). It was a great way to bring up to AJ that paper is made of trees (he didn’t believe me!) and then we talked about how some people don’t have food. I asked him how he would feel if he didn’t have food each day. I explained to him that he and I are going to go through our cupboards and pick some food to bring to people in need. In the past, we have discussed “donating” when I’ve taken things to the Goodwill. This time he will be more involved in the whole experience. I’d like to do it this weekend, if we can. I think it’s SO important that he start to realize that he has everything he wants- and there are people out there who don’t. I think he’s finally old enough to get that to some degree.

Underpants Thunderpants- This is just a really funny book about a dog who puts his underpants on the line outside to dry and a storm comes through and blows them away. All kinds of other animals see underpants flying through the air (or ocean) and use them for many things. The octopus uses them as pants. The pirate uses them as a sail. It’s cute :)

I must say, I was getting really sick of his books- as cute as they are how many times can we read the SAME book every single night! This makes it better for us both :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day at the Zoo

AJ and I went to the Denver Zoo today for a few hours. Here's a few pics:

He always loves the carousel

Measuring himself to a penguin :) (39")

Check out the HUGE lion!? Couldn't get him to turn around

Joe Cool :)