Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Woofy Is Saved!

Holy cow, what a day!

We had a crazy, fun holiday weekend and AJ and I are both exhausted. Not enough sleep and lots of BBQ's and parties and hours by the pool made today a little nuts.

AJ didn't get to bed last night until almost TEN! This is completely unheard of. His typical bedtime these days is more like 8:30. So, when we finally got home last night I didn't have time to do our nightly routine which consists of a sippy of milk and watching some Barney or Pooh together. I just put him in his PJ's and gave him milk to drink in his bed. I RARELY do this...and here's why:

This morning at 5:30 (yes, that's' only 7.5 hours of sleep), AJ woke up. I could hear him in his bed, talking and so I figured I'd get up. I didn't get any sleep anyway, so my thought is if I'm awake, why just lay there and listen to him. I got up and walked in his room and all of the sudden he said, "Hi Mama" and ever so quickly he threw up ALL over the place. Nasty, rotten, sour milk...EVERYWHERE. On him, on me, all over the carpet, all over his bed, and his stuffed animals that he sleeps with. My first thought was, "UGH, this is disgusting and it stinks". My second thought was, "OH NO!! Woofy!"

Woofy is AJ's all time favorite stuffed animal. It's a big, brown dog that I got him from the grocery store for Valentines Day. I don't know why he chose this as his favorite, but he did. Woofy sleeps with AJ, comforts him when he's hurt and is just all around AJ's 2nd best friend (next to Buster, of course).

When I saw that Woofy had taken most of the throw up, I didn't know how I'd save him. I didn't think he could be put in the washing machine, so I first tried to clean him off in the shower. (It was 5:30am- I wasn't really thinking) Although he was cleaned off, he still stunk. A few hours later, I decided to look online and see if I could find another Woofy. No such luck. Then, I decided to go for it. I put him in the washing machine on delicate and hoped for the best. This entire time, all AJ is talking about is Woofy. "Messy Woofy", "Uh, oh, Woofy", etc...

I was VERY happy when I opened the washer after the cycled finished and saw Woofy in one piece! And he smelled clean!

I realize how silly this post is. I really do. But, on the other hand there is some real joy in knowing that I was able to give a clean smelling Woofy back to AJ and know that he was happy. I loved seeing him give him a huge hug.

Oh- and I almost forgot. AJ is not sick. I think what happened is that he drank sour milk this morning and naturally it didn't sit well in his stomach. So he let it all out. YUCK!

P.S. Baby Woofy (a smaller stuffed dog that AJ also loves) is in the washer now.... I hope he also comes out in one piece because since Woofy came out clean, all AJ's been talking about is Baby Woofy. HA!

June Photo Shoot

AJ was just such a doll today- even with the crazy day we had (see next post for details). He took an afternoon bath after a day by the pool and I thought he just looked so sweet in this outfit. I decided it was time for another photo shoot. Here's my sweet boy hamming it up for the camera :)