Saturday, July 18, 2009


Ahhh, fruit. Fruit is so good for you. It tastes so good. It's so very sweet. I love fruit. AJ loves fruit.

Fruit DOES NOT love AJ.

This poor kid can eat grapes and watermelon for breakfast, cantaloupe for lunch and peaches for dinner (with other things of course). And to top it off, he LOVES dried fruit for a snack.

The problem with this is...MAJOR POOPOOS!!! Which leads to MAJOR DIAPER RASH!!

I'm still trying to figure out how much is too much! Here's what he ate today....This made for 6 POOPY diapers and a painful booty.

Eggo waffle
5 grapes
3 grown person size pieces of watermelon
Soy Milk

2 bites of cantaloupe
1 slice of peach (we were at a farmers market- hence all the fruit for a snack)
a few goldfish
Soy Milk

Wheat bread slice with melted cheddar cheese
1 piece of cantaloupe
Soy milk
few bites of my healthy choice Margarita Chicken meal- he LOVES it

more goldfish
Slice of cheese - at this point I was trying to help solidify things...

Few bites of chicken
Soy Milk
Apple Cinnamon Nutrigrain bar

Ok, so as I'm writing this down, I'm realizing that I give AJ a TON of fruit...ugh! He LOVES it. What to do....

Is It Time for Bed Already??

Ok, how do I explain this one.... AJ is SUCH a good baby boy. He's happy, fun, playful, constantly learning new things and just a total JOY to be around. Of course there are moments and sometimes even days, when he's not so happy, but for the most part, he's just fantastic! And so, come 7:30pm or so, when it's time for him to go to bed, I get sad...I don't want to put him down. Well, that's not entirely true. By 7:30pm, I'm exhausted and want to lay on the couch and not have to think- but putting him to bed- the actual act of walking him upstairs and laying him down and saying "nite, nite" has gotten tougher and tougher...for me! He does just fine; lays there and gets in a comfy position for a few minutes and passes out, but he's so entertaining to me that I'd like to keep him up all night (if he stayed in a good mood) just to watch him play and listen to him talk and try new things. He's just plain fun!

I got a great video today of him showing off most of his talents :) He waves, does his version of blowing kisses (which consists of MUUUAAAHH sounds-without the actual act of blowing), gets on and off his car, gives me love, does his play "nite nite" and so much more... I will post it tomorrow I hope- when Jason gets back from his camping trip and can work on getting my computer back to normal.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Pics of the Week

I FINALLY have a computer again, so I'm posting a few pictures from this week.

This was a fun day at Pirates Cove Water Park

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I Love This Stage

AJ is at SUCH a fun stage right now. He's really starting to understand more of the things we say to him and he's just a blast to hang out with. He LOVES to play with all his toys and he especially loves when we sit on the floor with him and play. He likes to share his toys with me and sometimes he likes to hit me with them- OUCH! Ok, so that isn't my favorite, but I don't actually think he means to hurt me....yet! Last night he hit me so hard on the corner of my eye with his toy and it made my eyes water and when I woke up this morning, I had a headache! It would be worse if I knew he meant to hurt me, but he doesn't know what he's doing so I forgive him :)

Another super fun thing is that he is a total ham with other people. Strangers or not, he wants to give you a high five, talk to you, or squish his nose :) Today we went out to breakfast and he was just hanging out and talking with this couple at the table next to us. I LOVE that he's so outgoing.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


It's official! AJ is walking! We decided to call it official because now he can walk across the entire house :) Sure, he still does crawl and he does fall down sometimes, but hey- he'll probably always do that!

I haven't been able to blog much because my computer crashed and a new one is on order. I have to use Jason's computer and I really can't do that much because he needs it for work. It's killing me!

A few other things:

AJ is really starting to learn....a lot! This is SUCH a fun stage! He loves to play with his Little People Barn (Thank you Pick Family!) and I am convinced he knows which animal is the pig :) He opens and closes the barn doors and listens to the sounds the animals make. He's also learning to put the different shape blocks into their correct holes.

I have started to take AJ to the rec center with me and he can go to the day care there now that he's one- this is AWESOME for me! It's run by some great people, it's really inexpensive, it's safe and it's REALLY big so there's a lot for him to do! I'm so thankful that AJ enjoys it there :)