Saturday, July 5, 2008

Grandma's a BIG help!

Today was a great day! For starters, I got a lot of sleep! (Relatively speaking of course) Anderson came to bed around 11pm or so, after Jason fed him his bottle (something new we're just starting and he's really getting it and we're not noticing "nipple confusion") and I'd been asleep for an hour or so already. Jason put him in his boppy in the bassinet and it seemed to work out well. AJ woke up I think 3 times last night to eat, but he went back to sleep in the boppy in the bassinet each time! My point is, he didn't sleep in our bed and he let me sleep more than usual. I think he was up for about 30 minutes each time at 1, 3 and 5am. Not too bad! I was able to fall right back to sleep each time so I was thrilled!

This morning my mom and I did some cleaning- well really, she cleaned. I picked up some stuff around the house (we had A LOT of crap laying around still)while she cleaned floors, dusted, vacuumed, etc.. Oh- also she brought us Starbucks! Bless this woman! :)

We went to lunch this afternoon and took Anderson with us and he was wonderful. He slept through lunch and slept more while we ran some errands (Target, grocery store, dry cleaners, etc.) and it was so nice to be able to put his car seat in the cart and just wheel him around. I was happy to have my mom with me so I didn't look like such a first timer.

Now we're all pooped and tired and probably going to just hang out here at the house.


Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Anderson!!

Today is Anderson's first week birthday and my he's growing and changing all the time! He's found his fingers and thumb and sucks them a lot; he's started to tolerate diaper changes (sometimes!) and I think he's recognizing my voice which is awesome. I seriously cannot believe that it was a week ago that I had him!

We had a really nice 4th of July today. Jason, Anderson, my mom and I walked down to the local park this afternoon where there was a big 4th of July parade- all the kids had their bikes decorated and did this little bike ride. There was a bouncy thing, pie eating contests, face painting, hot dogs and chips and all kinds of fun kid stuff. It was HOT, but it was really nice. We saw some neighbors and friends there. Then came home and all took a nice nap on the couch and watched tennis. Very relaxing. Tonight we went to Holly & Joel's for a great BBQ and fireworks with them and Heather & Dom and kids. It's sooooo wonderful to be around them as I'm 200% comfortable having them help me with AJ and getting advice from them.

We've been taking pictures all day of the baby and trying to find the perfect one for his announcement. I'm sure we'll be working on those soon.

Off to bed- pray for sleep :)


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Grandmas First Visit

Today my mom arrived for her first visit with Anderson and as expected, her heart melted when she saw him for the in the airport. She's been enjoying holding him, and snuggling with him and just listening to him breathe and squeak. It's so cute to see her with her first grandchild- it's obvious she loves him so much already. My mom will be here for a week and although we don't have too many plans yet, I'm sure it's going to be a great trip. We're going to work on Anderson's birth announcements and probably take the poor neglected dogs for some walks. I'm sure we'll fit in a much needed mani/pedi too! She's happily making us dinners and waiting on me hand and foot. Now I just need to find a bell to ring when I need something :)

The past few nights have been tough- I'm going on very little sleep. AJ likes to sleep but only for about 90 min stretches now. I'm trying to keep positive about it, but I'm pretty much exhausted. I'm starting to dread night time.

I've also become quite emotional lately- I really hope this doesn't last too long. I'm having a hard time letting other people hold Anderson and just THINKING about leaving him (even to go to the store) breaks my heart and I know it's something I have got to do. I keep telling myself that he's only a week old so it'll get better. It's not that I think I'm the only one who can take care of him, I just miss him so much it kills me. I honestly never thought I could love someone this much. *tear*

Moving on... Anderson has found his fingers and loves to suck on them. Jason fed him his first bottle last night as I tried to get some sleep. I really love nursing him, but I also want Jason to be involved and have a chance to really bond with him. I think AJ has started to recognize my voice which is great. He's also started smiling a lot- I realize it's probably gas, but it's super cute!

Looking forward to a nice 4th of July weekend with my mom and our friends. I'm sure it's going to be a good one!

Happy 4th Everyone!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

First doc appt and other things...

As I mentioned in my last post, today was AJ's first doctors appt. I was a little worried about taking him myself- my first time driving with him- as Jason had a work meeting, but it worked out just fine. I hadn't even THOUGHT about packing a diaper bag, but I was able to quickly pull it together before we left.

We headed out and he didn't make a peep in the car on the way. Got there and of course I forgot the insurance card, had a hard time carrying in the car seat, diaper bag, etc... but I figured it out. We got into the office and I think the poor receptionist could tell I was frazzled but was super nice and didn't have a problem with the lack of insurance card or anything. She was totally understanding, thankfully!

We got into our little room and the nurse measured him and took off his clothes (didn't make for a happy baby) and then we weighed him. He's now 20 inches and 7.6lbs! This was great news as he came home from the hospital weighing 6lbs 14oz. Obviously he's eating enough and I was pleased about this. The doctor came in and checked him out and said to keep up whatever we're doing cause he's of perfect health! Looks good, sounds good and all that. It was a great first visit.

So after dressing him back up, we headed to the mall- of course that would be his first venture out! I had to pick up just a few things and figured he'd be fine. Well he was...for a bit. I was in a store and all the sudden he starts crying! He never cries unless he's hungry or poopy. I figured he was hungry. So, I checked out of the store and wasn't quite sure where to take him to feed- I'm not comfortable feeding in public just yet- so I thought I could make it to the car. Not so much... He started WAILING! So, I got the Macy's (near my car) and was on the right floor for the bathroom and I tried like hell to run there but... well, I just gave birth 5 days ago and my body doesn't like walking too fast at this point. People we staring, smiling all the while I feel like the WORST MOM OF THE YEAR for starving my child! After what seemed like an eternity, I finally got to the Macy's bathroom and picked him up outta the stroller only to find a green stain on the car seat! Ya, he pooped... Not just a poop, but a BLOW OUT! So, I bust out the diaper bag again thankful that I'd packed it and even more thankful that I'd remembered to bring an extra outfit, and changed him quickly (while he's still SCREAMING) and then frantically fed him... Ahh, silence.... After that it was time to go home. We were both exhausted and I needed a break. It was a good outing and I definitely learned from it.

Now we're home and just chilling out. I think we'll all sleep well tonight. (fingers crossed!)

Whomever invented the Boppy...

I WANT TO HUG! Seriously one of the best things ever! Last night we all got some good sleep (relatively speaking of course) because Anderson slept so well in his boppy. He and I headed to bed around 8pm- I was exhausted and expected a LONG night- so I put him in his bassinet which he tolerated for about an hour. Then he was up to eat, and I put him in his boppy in our bed. He was out for 2 hours! Up again to eat, then again asleep for 2 hours! We did this all night long. I can totally handle that. I love the boppy because he can be close to me, but not close enough for me to roll over onto him and he loves it so much he SLEEPS!

Yesterday the dogs came home from Camp Bow Wow and I was quite anxious about it as I knew they'd be very curious with the baby and I was worried. I was/am also worried about giving everyone attention as I'm still their momma! I'm happy to report that they did very well. Luckily, they were exhausted after 4 days of non-stop play with other pups, so after a bath they were able to meet AJ and stayed pretty calm. As expected, Buster is under foot anytime I have AJ with me- he's so curious and protective. It's adorable (yet sometimes annoying at 2am during a diaper change).

I just got back from our first walk around the block. It was fun, tough on my body, but it was good to get out of the house for a bit. Anderson did great- slept the entire time. I plan to keep up our little walks for a few weeks and then hope to turn them into longer walks as I feel better. I'm really trying to balance resting and doing whats right for my body, but also getting back into shape and continuing on with life as I knew it.

Today is our first pediatrician appointment. I have no idea what to expect, but it should be very informative. I'm sure that Anderson is gaining weight (he has to since he eats every 2 hours!) which is what they'll want to see.

Monday, June 30, 2008

We Are Home!

We made it home! We left the hospital yesterday and got home around 2pm. It was a long wait to get discharged as we had to wait for my doctor to check me out and then Anderson's pediatrician to check him out, then sign a LOAD of papers, pack up and head out. It was every emotion.... Scared that now we're on our own (not really, but you know), terrified of the unknown, excited because shoot- it was the first time Anderson had seen well..anything! The sky, our car, his car seat, outside of the 2nd floor of the hospital, etc... He did wonderfully tho. He cried a bit getting into his car seat, but Jason buckled him up really well and he didn't make a peep on the car ride. It helped that he found his fingers yesterday so he had something to chomp on. We drove home and just kinda looked at each other like, "Here we go!"

Once we got home, Jason was so cute and proud, he wanted to take the long way up our street in case any neighbors were out so he could show off his son. Sadly, no one was, but we ended up getting a few visitors shortly after being home. Sharon came over, Ray and Megyn, and then Summer & Guido and kids too. They all loved him and can't get over his hair!

Once unloaded I think that's when I felt most overwhelmed....Just a bunch of bags of stuff. We had bags that we'd brought to the hospital, but then came home with double the stuff and where would we put it all??? I'm still working on that one.

Jason made some dinner for himself- I know I should be eating, but nothing really sounds good. I ended up having some Cheerios for dinner around 9ish. Then after 2 DRAMATIC diaper changes (think red face, holding breath, massive crying etc..AJ, not me!) I decided we needed to get a wipe warmer as I wasn't going to be able to do that much longer and especially not at 2am. I headed to Walmart to get a warmer- probably not a good idea for me as I was loopy from lack of energy, sleep and was in a fog. Anyway, I got home and the stupid thing doesn't work! Whatever...

Then around 10:30pm Anderson and I headed off to bed. I was determined to get a little sleep- was hoping for 3-4 hours or so. He started off OK in his bassinet, but about an hour into that he was over it. So, he went to my bed, then we moved to the glider, then back to the bassinet, and finally was on the boppy (a LIFESAVER) on our bed between us. I was awake a lot checking to be sure he was breathing, but I think I got about 4-5 hours in! Not to shabby... I'm feeling pretty good today- better every day thankfully!

Tonight should be a challenge as we're picking up the dogs this afternoon. I think it's going to be a loud night for us all with them following me everywhere we go, but I'm excited to see them and miss them.

Today I gave Anderson his first little sponge bath which he didn't hate nearly as much I had prepared myself for. I made it quick and warm and changed him into the cutest little puppy dog onesie and brown pants. I laughed when I put them on and they were too big! I remember holding them up after washing them a few months back and saying to my mom that he'd NEVER fit into that outfit- it was WAY too small!

That's all for now... I'm off to shower. Gotta love it- it's 11am and I'm just showing. Ahh, how life changes!

Few more points:
* I'm down 12lbs... Was hoping for more, but I'm happy
* Feeding is going well- this child LOVES to eat!
* It's a good idea to put a trash can in the diaper champ BEFORE bringing baby home! Learned that one last night....

Sunday, June 29, 2008

The First 24 Hours..

Wow, has it only been 24 hours??? I feel like I've known Anderson for a long time! For the most part, it's been easy. However, I realize that I'm not home yet and things will change.

Anderson is really a great baby! I wasn't sure how he'd be since the first hour or so he was pretty loud however, I have to keep in mind that as bad as labor was for me it was worse for him- so I can't blame him. He loves to be held and loves to snuggle. He does NOT love being cold, changed, naked, or checked by doctors/nurses or any of that. I understand the diaper wipe warmer and think that'll be something we'll get in the near future. It's like we're killing him when he feels the coldness of the first wipe!

AJ is a total squeaker- he makes the cutest and funniest noises and faces all the time. He's a good sleeper so far- slept with me last night in my bed. I was awake all night just watching him and making sure he was breathing. Not quite sure how but I'm still running on about 6 hours of sleep in the last 2 days- could be that he's just so darn cute!

Today was circumcision day- SO tough for me because all I could think about was the pain he would endure. Jason went with him and watched and told me that he did really great. The only thing he really didn't like was the antiseptic they used to clean him in the beginning. He did great otherwise and came back to the room 15 mins later quiet.

We also had our first visitor’s today- Holly, Joel, Joseph and Samantha came by to meet AJ. It was wonderful to have them visit- We've been telling Sam she could hold AJ in the hospital for months now and she LOVED it. She would have stayed and held him for hours if she could have. They also brought cute little stuffed animals- one being Panda of course :) Heather & Domenic also came by and brought AJ the softest little puppy stuffed animal. Heather held AJ the whole time while we laughed about labor stories- always so much funnier when it's over! We're incredibly lucky to have such wonderful friends! I'm constantly thinking about that.

Anderson has been feeding really well- he's a SUPER sucker. It's pretty painful, but I'm pretty confident I'm doing it correctly and it's just that it's new to me so that’s why it hurts. We met with a lactation specialist today so she gave me some good new tips. He's eating about every 2-3 hours. I see myself not getting too much done for a while, which is ok. I LOVE being able to watch AJ eat and he opens his eyes, I play with his fingers and it's a wonderful bonding time for us.

Just a few minutes ago we got hit with the flying pee! It was pretty funny. Jason and I were changing his 4th poopy diaper of the day and all the sudden there was a HUGE stream of pee going behind Anderson! He's got some great range! hahah

He's now happily sleeping after another dose of Tylenol for his pee pee pain. I'm hoping this will also allow me to sleep a few hours (until it's time to feed again). We shall see!

We go home tomorrow- Wish us luck!