Thursday, January 6, 2011

Things He Says...

I'm telling you, the kid cracks me up on a daily basis! Here's a few things from today:

* We're driving home from somewhere and he says to me, "Mom, is your car clean?" (and he knows it is because he went with me the other day to get it washed) and so I said, "Yep! It's clean". He replied "I'm so proud of you mom" :)

* AJ loves to point out EVERY truck on the road and today he said, "Holy Cow! That trucks big!"

* I love to teach him silly things and the latest thing is "darn tootin!". So, now that's how he responds to me. So stinking cute!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Everyday I am blown away by AJ's imagination. He's sooo creative and smart and I am so incredibly proud to be his mommy. He cracks me up almost all day long! Here's a few examples:

* Lately, he likes to "play" other people. So, today when we were driving somewhere, he tells me "You Grandma, I Papa". So, I say "Hi" to Papa and he says "Hi" to Grandma and we carry on a conversation acting like Grandma and Papa. We were returning from the library and I got him a new movie. He wanted to watch it but it was nap time. Here's how the conversation went:

AJ: Grandma, I watch this?
ME: Not right now Papa, it's nap time
AJ: Ah, darn it Grandma! (and then we both cracked up!)

* AJ is VERY into trucks as you all know, I'm sure. Trash trucks, tractors, firetrucks, etc... He loves them all. He tells me all the time he wants to be a fireman (Yeah!) or a trash truck man (hum....). Uncle Matt & Auntie Kristin got AJ this awesome truck set. It came with a few tractors, a crane, 2 construction men, cones, fake dirt, and rocks. He can play with this construction set for HOURS! I think his favorite piece is the crane (he calls it a truck crane- which actually sounds more like truck train since he can't really saw his "C's" very well). He loves to come up with stories about what he's building or hooks things to the crane and tow them around.

* Speaking of trucks, his other favorite thing is the Lego Trash Truck that Pop and Grammy gave him. What a hit that is! It looks exactly like our real trash truck that comes weekly and has a green trash can that you can hook on and dump the trash into the truck. Again, HOURS of entertainment!

* About a week before Christmas I decided I wanted to take AJ to Build-A-Bear. I know, I know...It was just before Christmas and I didn't need to buy him anything more or spend more money. But, if I'm being honest, I did it more for me. I really wanted to see him there enjoying it and making his own bear. I thought it would be a really fun thing for us to do together. And it was! He ended up picking out a puppy instead of a bear and he got to stuff him, wash him, name him and he even got his own "birth certificate". Guess what his name is???? PUPPY! haha! Well, Puppy comes along with us EVERYWHERE we go. Most of the time he stays in the car, but on special occasions AJ gets to hold him in the store or wherever we are. He loves that Puppy so much! He talks to him, kisses and hugs him, feeds him, and tells him stories. He's hilarious. My favorite thing about Puppy is that I was able to record something and put him in Puppy so when AJ pushes the button on his arm you hear "(ME) Merry Christmas AJ, Mommy loves you!....(AJ) Um...Merry Christmas Mommy, I just love you too" It's the sweetest!

* Lately, AJ's been asking me "Mama, you happy???" or the other day he asked "Mama, how do you feel?". I love that he's so kind and caring.

I could not be more proud of AJ. I know every mother thinks their kid is the greatest, and I know that AJ has his moments, but I can truly say that he's such an amazing person. He's kind, smart, brave, loving, caring, nice, a good friend, he plays well with other kids, he is entertaining, he's funny and pretty darn cute, if I do say so! He makes my heart smile every day and I am so lucky he's in my life :)