Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Walking Time!

Getting all bundled for our morning walk- it's COLD outside!

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What an EXHAUSTING walk!

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Talk, Talk, Talk..

Cooing & Laughing...OH MY!

Anderson has started cooing and laughing and "talking" sooo much! It's adorable to watch and listen to him. He gets VERY excited in his jumper and yells a lot (a fun yell mostly) He's not the same little baby as he was a few weeks back- just growing and really responding which is so nice! Now if he would just sleep :)

See the post up above for video of his sweet noises..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Pictures of the Day

I know the reason most of you come on this blog is to see pictures... here ya go!

Enjoying My Jumper!

Shopping is SO tiring!

On a walk with Grandma!

Exciting Month Ahead

Anderson & I have a very exciting month ahead of us. Friday we take off for California! Yes, that means an airplane ride... Mommy is a LITTLE scared, but I figure it's only a 2 hour trip. I'm more scared of getting all our stuff packed and getting ourselves to the airport and on the actual plane. Jason is taking us to the airport and will park and walk us in, so it should be ok. He can't join us on this trip as he has to work. It's really going to be hard being away from him for so long and I know he'll miss AJ like crazy.

In California Anderson will be meeting most of Jason's family- they have yet to meet him. We'll be in Orange County Friday- Tuesday and plan to see Mandy & Michele- Jason's sisters, AJ's cousin Chase, Oma- Jason's mom, Grandpa & Grandma Lew- Jason's dad & step-mom along with my mom, brother and sister in law. We also plan to see many of my friends who have seen lots of pictures, but not actually met AJ.

Then on Tuesday we'll go up to Arroyo Grande to see my Dad & Cory. I'm sure my dad will be teaching Anderson how to mow the lawn and Cory will have him out in the veg garden picking green beans :) We'll stay with them until Friday when we head back home.

Jason's mom will be coming home with us and will be here until the following Friday. I know she's excited to see Anderson and spend some quality time with him. We're excited to have her as well!

I'm a wee bit concerned with all that we have planned as I don't want to overstimulate AJ (yes Mom, I said overstimulate again- hahah!) but at the same time there are so many people who want to meet Anderson and I want to see. We'll play it by ear and I hope that people understand if he's not on his best behavior!

As a side note- Weight Watchers is still going great! However, I really should say that breastfeeding is what is keeping the weight off. Regardless of how, I now weigh less than I have in YEARS! I'm down 11lbs since starting WW...yippppeee!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

A VERY fun, but emotional weekend

This has been a wonderful weekend, full of so much fun with friends and family, yet incredibly emotional since we spent our first night away from Anderson.

On Friday, Grandma arrived! We were soooo excited to see her since she hadn't seen Anderson since he was 1 week old. Obviously, he's just changed so much and is a ton of fun. Anderson and I picked her up from the airport and then, as usual for my mom and I, went shopping! AJ slept the entire time and we enjoyed just walking around the outdoor mall and having lunch. We came home and Jason made his famous pizza and Grandma just loved on Anderson all night. He just loves her!



Saturday was pretty emotional for me for many reasons. AJ hasn't been good at taking the bottle and since I knew my mom would need to feed him many times with the bottle, I only breast fed him once in the morning and then it was bottle practice the rest of the day. It was SOOO stressful for me because I was worried that he would cry all night, that he wouldn't eat and also I was missing the bonding that I have with him each time I feed him. It was really tough and I was terrified about how Saturday night would go. I was tempted to cancel our plans, but wouldn't you know it, Anderson finally took an entire bottle from my mom just before we left so I felt so much better. What a relief!

So, around 3pm, Jason and I were off to Denver with Holly & Joel and Heather & Domenic for Heather's 30th birthday. We rented rooms at the Marriott in Downtown Denver and got all gussied up and went to dinner at a place called Lime (delicious!) and then to Sing Sing for some great music and fun and then out dancing. No sleep for us! We were up until 3am!!!


Throughout the night I was in touch with my mom and she assured me that AJ was doing great, taking the bottle and not crying too much and just having fun. I was so relieved to hear this great news but I missed him SO much. At 7:30am when I woke up all I could think about was how badly I missed him and wanted to be home. It was a feeling I've never felt before, total and utter pain that I missed him so much. I knew he was safe and happy of course, but I just wanted to see him. We finally got home after lunch and thankfully AJ remembered me :) I knew he wouldn't forget me, but I was a little worried if I'm honest.

So after hanging out and feeding him and just kissing him like crazy my mom and AJ and I went out to do a few things today and now we're just taking it easy enjoying out time together. I'm soooo proud of all of us; Anderson for being so good for Grandma; Grandma for taking such good care of AJ and for the many early morning feedings and Jason and I for getting out and doing this. As hard as it was for all of us, it was really good and necessary too.

Grandma goes home tomorrow and we'll miss her a lot! The dogs too as she's been so great and takes them for very long walks each day. But the good news is that we'll be in California next week and will see her again along with all the rest of the family and friends. We're excited!!