Monday, December 7, 2015

Boys Trip to Oregon

This past weekend, AJ and Jason took off on a boy’s trip to Oregon. I was so excited for them! Jason’s mom and step-dad live there and they had not seen each other in 5+ years.  First they spent some time with Jason’s mom and Ron. They went to dinner, hung out and caught up. Then, Friday, Donna made this elaborate breakfast for them all. AJ said they got him a new stuffed bear – he named it Indiana Jones- and The Grinch that Stole Christmas book. I know AJ had a good time seeing them.

Then, Friday night, they headed to Astoria where Paul and Janis live. I haven’t ever been there, but I hear they live in an amazing log cabin home. They saw deer on the front law and AJ said he even fed one apples! They went to a Maritime museum, did a project in the workshop and just hung out.

The last time Donna and Ron or Paul and Janis saw AJ, he was probably 2 or younger, so AJ did not remember them, but before the trip, we showed him a lot of pictures and he knew of them.  I was so happy for them all. Now, I’m happy to have them back J