Saturday, February 7, 2009

My Gym

This morning I took Anderson to this place near our house called My Gym. It's very much like a Gymboree or even like Little Monkey Bizness, but instead of running around in a free for all, they have weekly classes for different age groups. This weekend was their open house and Elmo was there! I decided since Jason was home working on some things around the house, that I'd meet up with some other moms I know and we'd check the place out.

Before we got there I'd checked out their prices online and it's EXPENSIVE, so I hadn't planned to join...Keyword being planned... Well, because it was their open house weekend, they were discounting their prices A LOT! I only had to pay the amount that he weighed for 4 weeks of classes! So, it ended up being only $21! Not too bad!

While we were there, AJ got to sit on a trampoline while I bounced on it, he got to crawl around after balls, went down the slide and got to sit in the bucket of balls. They also had us sit around in a BIG circle and sing songs while clapping, patting, and tapping our feet. The whole point of My Gym is for kids to work on their motor skills as well as learn to play with one another. He had a GREAT time today and I think he'll really enjoy going each week.

Here are a few pics:

Friday, February 6, 2009


Yesterday was such a beautiful and unusually warm February day that I decided to take AJ outside in the backyard to play. I bought him some bubbles a few weeks ago but never had the opportunity to use them until now. I'm not sure who had more fun! The dogs trying to eat the bubbles, AJ watching and laughing while the dogs were eating the bubbles, or me watching all of them! It was such a blast and made me feel like a kid again!

Then today, we went to the Denver Children's Museum- something I've been thinking about doing with AJ for a while now. I have been told that it's great for kids any age, but I really wasn't so sure. Well, they were right! The museum has TONS to do for kids of ALL ages! They have a HUGE section for kids AJ's age (newborn - 4 years old actually) where they can play with toys, read books, climb over all kinds of neat surfaces, run around, climb over bridges, through tunnels and so much more! I do think that AJ will have even more fun once he's fully crawling and even more so when he's walking, but I will definitely go back soon! Today he enjoyed laying on these VERY soft pillows and playing with the mobiles and also army crawling all over looking for toys. Here are a few pictures:




Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Army Crawl!!

He's doing it! It's awesome! Here are two videos from tonight:)

This one REALLY shows it! I love it! (And I'm terrified about how my life is going to change)

What we've been up to

Well, we've certainly been keeping busy! This weekend Jason's sister, Mandy came out to visit with us and spend some time with AJ. She absolutely ADORES AJ and he loves her to pieces! She's so great with him, always making him laugh and smile and isn't phased when he starts to get upset. She just rocks him and sings to him and puts him right to sleep.

Mandy and I had some girl time and went shopping for a few hours and got much needed pedicures too! We also went for a nice run on Sunday morning- even tho it was 34 degrees outside! BURR! I think we just knew that we'd be eating some really bad food later in the day for Super Bowl so that encouraged us to do it.

AJ and I have also been keeping very busy with MOMS Club. We've met some really great moms and kids and AJ is just so awesome at playing. He loves to sit and watch and he's such a tough boy that when other kids accidentally kick him or roll onto him, he doesn't seem to care; he just keeps chewing on whatever he has in his mouth :)

Today we had a fun play date and tomorrow we're going to lunch with some friends. Then later this week we're going to hit the pool. Yes, I know that I keep us very busy, but on the days that we don't get out, I can tell we're both a little bored and on edge.

I probably shouldn't say this for fear of jinxing myself, but sleeping has gotten a little better. AJ has been staying up a little longer lately- till about 7 or 7:30 and he wakes up typically 2 times each night which I can handle at this point. It's certainly better than 4 or 5 times as it was for WAY too long. He will usually sleep until about 6:45 or 7am too.

The car seat isn't the WORST thing in the world either- it's amazing what growing up will do! The only time AJ hates his car seat is when I've had to take him in and out over and over again- and I don't do that too much. If I have to run a bunch of quick errands, I just do it when Jason is home. Otherwise, AJ can look out the window, play with his toys or sleep.

Picture of the Day

I LOVE this face!!

Auntie Mandy & AJ havin fun :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


I never knew how much fun a plastic bag could be :)