Friday, June 14, 2013

AJ's First Tball Game!

Yesterday was AJ's first Tball game. It was so cute- and hilarious- to watch. Each kid got to hit and each kid made it to first. Of course, there are no outs :) When our team was in the outfield and the other team hit the ball, EVERY SINGLE player on our team ran for (and sometimes faught for) the ball. No one cared if it got to first base.. Only that HE got the ball. It was quite entertaining :)

Here are some pics of AJ hitting and of his team, the Blue Rockies.. (funny note- they played against the Purple Rockies)

And, on a sad note, check out the sky.. that's all smoke from the Black Forest Fire. YUCK!

Batter Up!
Running to 1st!


The Blue Rockies :)

Of course they all get to play at the park after the game!

T Ball Practice

Here is a video of AJ and Jason practicing TBall last weekend while we were camping. It was so fun to watch! At one point we made bases with rocks and all the kids were hitting the ball and running bases. Such a great memory!