Thursday, April 26, 2012

So Cal April 2012

The first day we arrived, we went straight to the beach with Uncle Matt. We were so lucky to one again go on his rescue boat! It's always one of the highlights of our trip. Uncle Matt shows us all the beautiful boats in the harbor and we look for seals.
AJ was on the search for dolphins and whales too!

Then when we get out of the harbor, he goes SUPER FAST!

AJ LOVES it! "Uncle Matt, let's go FASTER!"

The weather wasn't so great, but it didn't matter.

After the ride, AJ helped Matt get the boat back in the slip :)

Then we went to Matt & Kristins spool (a great big, warm spa- we call the spool)

It even has a waterfall!

And one side is totally kid friendly. It was only maybe a foot deep? Perfect for AJ to play in.

He loved it SO much, the next morning he got in wearing his PJ's!

On Saturday Pop, Grammy Cory, Uncle Matt, AJ and I went to LEGOLAND!

He rode on the helicopter with Matt

We went to Starwars MiniLand and got to see so many amazing Starwars guys- Here we are with Master Yoda.
AJ and Pop waited to get on this ride, but sadly AJ was about an inch too short! It was ok tho- he didn't mind too much.

Grammy Cory, Matt & AJ went on the Pirate ship ride. This thing goes back and forth and around at the same time! It's hard to see it in this picture, but he absolutely LOVED IT! He was cracking up the entire time. Pop & I sat this one out cause just watching it made us want to throw up.

You can see he was pretty tired at this point....

But he LOVED the plane ride!
Later that night we all hung at the spool by the fire. Here's AJ & Pop keeping warm :)

The last ride was the Coastersaurus. This was a serious rollercoaster! I think it took us all by surprise how fast it was and of course AJ thought it was the best! At the end he laughed "Let's do that AGAIN!"

Here's Matt & AJ on the Huntington Beach pier

Walking back from breakfast at Rubys on the pier

The next day we rode down to the beach again and AJ played in the sand and ran from the waves.

AJ and Matt checked out the waves...

On Tuesday, we went to the Corona Del Mar tide pools and saw all kinds of great things. Sea "enemies", Sea urchins, starfish and crabs to name a few.
Loving the beach!

It was a gorgeous morning!

AJ & Uncle Matt in the spool

AJ, Matt & Auntie Kristin!
Here's a bunch of great videos too!

Matt & AJ "pushing the pool"

Matt & AJ playing around

As the days went on, he got more and more brave!

Here he is getting his "drivers license" at Legoland- I was impressed!

His first rollercoaster! He had a blast!

More rollercoaster

Matt & AJ biking to the beach
Here he is playing at the Corona Del Mar beach