Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day 2010!!

As I'd hoped, Mothers Day was one to remember. It was really a fun, fun day. We got up early and went to breakfast- it worked out well. There was no wait, the food was super and AJ was pretty good! Then we headed to this place in Morrison called Tiny Town. It's hard to explain, but basically, it is a tiny town! They have a small train we rode on (twice!) and all these tiny (AJ sized) buildings. A post office, bank, FedEx, library, church, saloon, and SO much more. He was able to go in or on many of the buildings and waved to the train each time it went by. At the end of the "town" was this awesome playground where AJ played for a while. Then before we left we all enjoyed ice cream cones- AJ was in heaven! It was a really nice, fun filled, family day :) Here are some pictures:

All Aboard!!!!!!

 I love him!

Waiting ever so patiently to open, with Papa

The buildings really are TINY!

Namna, AJ & Papa

AJ likes to watch me swing... As you can see by my face, it makes me nauseous...