Thursday, February 19, 2009

February Update

It's time for our update again. I guess I will continue to say how fast time flies- it's insane! Is he really almost EIGHT months old?? I thought he was just born???

Anderson is keeping me on my toes even more now that he's doing the army crawl. Between that and rolling, he can get anywhere he wants, which typically means he's finding the dogs water bowl or their collars! He loves his toys, but he really wants what he can't have. Another favorite are the electrical outlets- joy! We have yet to officially "baby proof" our house, but we did the outlet covers and we've decided what gates to get; just haven't bought them yet.

Other than doing the crawl, AJ has started talking a lot more lately- as you can see in the video's he's pretty much saying "DA DA" or "AAA DA" a lot. I ask him to say MA MA and he says, "AH DA!" hahah! I don't care what he says- it's just cute to hear him say anything. He's also screaming a lot! Sometimes he's mad, sometimes he wants attention, other times, he just wants to hear himself. I love it regardless.

Jason and I are soooo lucky that AJ is such a great baby! I remember wondering when he was less than 3 months old, "Is he a happy baby??" and now I know he's happy! Even when he's tired or hungry or just over it, he TRIES sooo hard! He puts on a happy smile or goes with the flow until he's just down right done. It's very rare that he throws a fit or causes a scene (yet!) which I really appreciate!

AJ is completely fine in his car seat now and he really enjoys his stroller when we go for walks with the dogs. He's also eating really well (shocking, I know since he's HUGE!) I've started giving him pieces of my lunch or dinner; bread, chicken, cheese, etc- and he eats it. He gives me this face of "WHAT did you just put in my mouth?" but then he eats it. I think he's just unsure of the texture at first. (However, the other day I gave him fish and he literally CRIED and I had to take it out of his mouth- he HATED it!) Tomorrow I plan do make a HUGE batch of all different types of baby food so we'll see how that goes. I've never done combination foods before, so I hope it's not a waste of my time!

On another note, we've been keeping VERY busy lately. I find that AJ and I are both happy if we're busy. I've been LUCKY enough to find a great babysitter who watches AJ twice a week for me for 2 hours each time. I get to have some ME time at the gym while AJ plays with other kids. I'm soooo thankful that he's been enjoying himself and been a good boy each time I've left him. I'm 100% comfortable leaving him and know that Jamie will take great care of him. All the while I get a great work out in! Other than that, we've been going to Little Monkey Bizness, play dates, the library and the pool a lot. All these things are so good for him, and assure me that he'll take a great nap when we get home :)

This is a great time in AJ's life- 8 months is GREAT age! He's happy, smiling, talking, crawling, laughs at people and just really enjoys life! I couldn't be happier!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Tonight we put AJ up to his toy to see if he could or would stand up with it. Take a look! He did a GREAT job!!!

After he crashed, we started again:

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


This video is hilarious! AJ actually has started saying DaDa... He doesn't know what it means as I'm the only one home with him- Jason was out. But..I showed Jason the video and he's SO proud! He said, "So, does this mean Da Da was his first word???" :)

Make sure you stay tuned to the end..there's a little surprise :)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Laser Pointer

Here we are...Parents of the Year trying to teach AJ to crawl using a laser pointer :) It feels so wrong, but it seriously worked! hahah