Saturday, September 5, 2009

Maui Day 1

Wow...where do I start? This day has been, in a word, LONG! I've been to Hawaii many times, and always flown from LAX to Hawaii; typically without a layover. It's about a 5 hour flight. Today, we flew from Denver to Phoenix (flight time was 8:30am so I had to be up by 4:15am) and then from Phoenix to Maui (a 6 hour flight).

Something else to keep in mind- there's a 4 hour time difference from Denver to Maui. As I sit here typing, it's 7:30pm where I am. But my body is reminding me that it's actually 11:30pm. It is SUPER RARE that I stay up this late.

The Plane Ride

AJ did INCREDIBLY well on both plane rides today. I was amazed and SO pleased. The first leg he was awake almost the entire 2 hours. He played, read books, ate, and giggled the entire time. He was such a good boy! Right as we were landing he fell asleep in my arms. When we got off the plane he eventually woke up and we headed to the next gate in the Phoenix airport. We got there and got some food and I decided that that was the time to give him some Benadryl. I figured right before we took off on our 6 hour journey would be a good time for him to pass out.

Our flight was delayed.... TWO HOURS!

Yep, they let us board the plane, then told us we all had to get off the plane so they could fix some mechanical problem. A two hour delay isn't too bad when you don't have a toddler. And when you don't have a 6 hour flight ahead of you!

So, we hung in the airport for 2 hours and I realized pretty quickly that the Benadryl hadn't fazed AJ. He was a RIOT! Running around, screaming, laughing, giggling, talking to people, pulling luggage around. He was hilarious! I really wish I had my video camera because this was a good one! He was making friends with all these people and just LOVING the attention he was getting. We decided he knows how to turn it on when he knows people are watching. It's fantastic!

Eventually, they got us a new plane and we hopped onto that one and AJ did thankfully sleep for about 2 hours. I must say, this flight was LONG! 6 hours in a PACKED plane to Hawaii with a child who I can't really let out of my lap was tough. He did awesome though. He didn't ever scream or cry-he just wiggled a lot and ate a lot of snacks. Thankfully, I was able to pass him off to my mom or Dave quite a bit which was extremely helpful.

We're Here!

Finally we arrived to Maui around 3pm (Hawaii time) and got our car and checked into the hotel. It's the MOST amazing place. We're staying at the Westin Kaanapali Villas.

Then we decided to get some dinner- mind you, it's 10pm our time and AJ is STILL rocking and rolling. I can't say enough how proud I am of him. He just keeps working so hard at being happy, even when he has every right to make us all miserable! Right as we were about to order though, he melted....quickly. So, I took him up to the room and he crashed. I can't blame him!

Lastly, AJ found some Koi fish tonight and you'd have thought it was Christmas! He was in heaven! Laughing, clapping, almost jumping in to the pond to touch them- and he would have, had we not held him back :)

Here's hoping we get some good sleep tonight. Off to the pool and beach tomorrow for some Mai Tai's and relaxation!


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hawaii Here We Come!

This Saturday, September 5th, we leave for Maui, Hawaii! I am so excited, yet SO incredibly nervous. I have prepared myself in the fact that I know this trip will be different than any other. We've got a child now, so all things revolve around him. Nap times, the 4 hour time change, fewer dinners out, perhaps more lunches out. No lounging by the pool with Mai Tais (ok, I may be able to do this a little) and no sleeping in. Here's my fear....THE SEVEN HOUR PLANE RIDE! Did I say it was 7 hours? Cause ya, it's SEVEN hours. (and yes, I am packing a LOT of Benadryl!)

My mom and Dave are coming along with us, which will be wonderful. It'll be great to have the help on the plane and on vacation, but more importantly, I'm so glad they'll be able to share in all the fun we have with AJ.

I can't wait to have AJ play in the sand, play by the pool, experience the aquarium and just enjoy Hawaii like I did when I was a kid. Assuming we don't get kicked out of the plane on the way over, I think we should have a great trip!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What Does a Bunny Say?

As you can see, we still have some work to do, but he does know!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Use Your Words!!

Oh, how I wish I could say that to AJ and he could understand me. He has begun to whine for EVERYTHING and he gets super frustrated (read: temper tantrums) when I don't understand what he wants (which is 90% of the time).

He walks around the house saying "ehhh? ehhh?" to everything- pointing sometimes, but then even then he's not pointing AT anything. He will point at the ceiling, or the kitchen cupboards and I don't know what he wants? Or, we'll be walking thru Walmart and he'll point at every little thing we walk by.

I don't know if him doing this means he actually WANTS the thing he's point at, or if he's telling me that he sees it or what. I know it's just a stage and if he could talk he would, but this constant "ehh?" is getting tiring :)

Here are a few words that AJ can say now- certainly not on command, but I have heard them semi-clearly recently:

Please (eesh)
Fish (ish)

Monday, August 31, 2009

Boy Time

Tonight my friend Ki and I went out for dinner and her husband, Tim, was nice enough to watch AJ and their son Dax for a few hours. At first I wasn't sure if AJ would be ok as he was tired which means he only wants Mama. But he did great! The boys all had a wonderful time- as did their Mama's :)

The Boys!

Night Time Fun