Friday, February 27, 2009

Happy 8 Months!!

It's hard to believe, but Anderson is EIGHT months old today! Is it really March already?? Wasn't it just Christmas??? Didn't I just give birth?? I think as I get older, time goes so much quicker!

Anyway, with each week, Anderson gets more and more fun. He's doing so much more and is such a happy boy. I can pretty much be sure that wherever we go, he'll be happy- so long as he's fed, clean and not EXTREMELY tired. Even when he is tired, he tries to be happy.

Yesterday, I got a BIG shock! We were at a play date with a bunch of friends and AJ was sitting in front of a big toy box. I had walked into the kitchen for a second and when I came back out to check on him, I watched him PULL HIMSELF UP to the toy box! I couldn't believe my eyes! He's never done that before. He did it 3 times! I'm soooo proud! I'm going to try to get it on video here soon, but didn't have my camera yesterday.

AJ is also army crawling EVERYWHERE! Thankfully he hasn't figured out that we have more than just a kitchen and family room :) His favorite toys are the dogs collars, their water dish (which we had to move outside), rugs and the drapes! Why we actually buy him toys, I don't know! hahah!

He's also a very tough little boy. Now that he's moving everywhere, he knocks his head on things all the time and it's VERY rare that he actually cries about it. He just moves on to the next thing and it doesn't phase him.
Happy 8 Months Baby Boy!

Fun Day for Jason!

Yesterday Jasons company took he and some of his coworkers up to the mountains for the day and they got to choose an activity. They could ski, snowboard or go snowmobiling! He hadn't even been snowmobiling before, so he choose that. He had a BLAST!

He and his boss drove up to Denver where they caught a train which took them to Winter Park (2 hours away). He said some of his customers were on the trip too and he even closed a HUGE deal while he was on the train!

I'm really glad he was able to go and had such a fun time!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hugs & Kisses

AJ is now at the age where he gives us hugs and kisses! It's the most WONDERFUL feeling as a mother to receive hugs and kisses. I will be holding him and he'll just quickly turn to me and wrap his arms around my neck and hug me- then he'll give me this huge, wet, wide, open mouth kiss:) I just hold and hug him so tightly because it just melts my heart! The only complaint I have is that he typically grabs an entire chunk of my hair when he hugs me and he's got a SERIOUSLY tight grip! I wouldn't change it tho; he can have all my hair so long as I keep getting hugs and kisses :)

Here we are at the Denver Aquarium today- what fun!!! He loved it :)