Thursday, September 13, 2012


Wow! When do things slow down? I guess not any time soon!

We have had a really fun September! AJ has been camping with Jason every other weekend and he and I went to California for the long Labor Day weekend. We had such a fun time seeing Grandma, Papa, Matt, Kristin and Auntie Mandy!

The first morning we went to Dog Beach with Lexi.

I went for a run and Lexi, AJ, Grandma and Papa got some time to play.

I told him to wear his bathing suit.. Did he listen? NO!


Back in Colorado Papa bought this remote control airplane that he thought he and AJ could do together. It took a lot of time and work for Papa to learn to fly it. They never had the chance to take it out in Colorado so we all went to the park this time to fly it. It was really pretty cool. AJ wanted to fly it REALLY badly. He got to after Papa learned what he was doing. Sadly, the plane was lost... It went out of range and likely ended up in someone's backyard :(


We went to Matt & Kristin's and they found Matts VERY OLD fire truck in the garage. We washed it off and AJ loved playing with it.

On Monday, we met up with Uncle Mandy at Newport Beach. The place was packed! It was a ton of fun seeing her and catching up :)

This month AJ also got to go to his first BRONCO'S game! I don't know who was more excited- AJ or Jason. They got to go on the field and were really close to Payton Manning (Who AJ calls PateManning - all one word) and AJ lasted till a little into the 3rd quarter. It was really hot that day. And loud. But he had a blast!

Headed into the stadium

Walking the halls..

Enjoying a rootbeer float

AJ and Daddy. So proud!

AJ has also been playing soccer twice a week. His team name is the Jaguars and it's an Under 5 league thru the Rec Center. His coach, Coach Jenn is amazing! She's so kind and so good to the kids, and she teaches them and encourages them. He really enjoys it!
Hanging on the sidelines with Luke & Claire

A little pep talk from Coach Jenn after the game.

One of his good buddies, Garrett is also on his team. After this game we went to dinner with Garrett and family and they boys LOVED it!

This is a random shot at one of our favorite hang outs... Smart Cow Frozen Yogurt :) We love going there!

After soccer, AJ will start Karate. HE IS SO PUMPED! We picked up his uniform the other night and watched a class. He can't wait! He'll start in late October.

Yesterday at school, AJ got this black eye. Aparently, he was doing cart wheels and ran into a wall?? No one seems to really know.... He's ok tho

Last night, very last minute we ended up at the Rockies baseball game. I won some tickets at work and was able to take him. We had a really fun time! Started out at dinner with some work friends (who were very kind to AJ)

During the game, he got a cotton candy.. Think he was happy? : )