Friday, August 29, 2008

We have a BIG weekend planned....again

I'm not sure if I'm learning any lessons these days with Anderson because I just keep planning things! Of course they are all fun things, but when you're 9 weeks old fun only lasts so long.

Today we went to a friends community pool where Anderson just put his feet in (and his legs cause they aren't too long) as it wasn't too warm and I didn't want a purple crying child. He had fun watching the other kids jump off the side and splash around. I had fun chatting with Joy and Holly and just kicking back getting some sun.

Saturday we're going to Heather & Domenic's house for their daughter Kellyn's FIRST birthday! It should be super fun and selfishly, I must post that it's Anderson's first party. I told him all about what to expect today; presents, singing, lots of kids and cake. Oh! And a bounce house...not that he'll be partaking in that.

Sunday actually should be better for Anderson as he's going to have a DADDY DAY! Which means Mommy will be shopping with friends ALL DARN DAY! YIPPPPEE!!! I am going with Holly & Heather to lunch and then to look for some new clothes as I can finally fit into cuter things and need some fall clothes. I am curious how and what Jason will do that day and HOPE that AJ takes the bottle pretty easily. **FINGERS CROSSED!**

Monday it's back to Holly's house for a Labor Day BBQ with Heather & Dom and kids along with some of Holly & Joel's other friends and neighbors. It should be a fun, low key time with our best friends. I can't wait to do this next year and the years to come when Anderson can really enjoy himself and run around with the kids (and I can not be worried about overstimulation)

Happy Labor Day! Enjoy you 3 day weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What is going on at this house this week...

This week had been a good one; we started out on vacation- how bad can that be? Since Breckenridge, Anderson has been swimming one more time at our community pool and we plan to go swimming again tomorrow. So far, he seems to love the pool. I can't wait to get him signed up for Mommy & Me swimming class-but we have to wait until he's 6 months old.

Each week I get emails from telling me what to expect from Anderson that week and he's right on track with what they tell me he'll do. This week he started cooing and smiling A LOT more- at this point, he can smile on command. Well, by "on command" I mean, if he's in a good mood and if I say "Are you a happy baby???" in this really high irritating voice. Oh, and it needs to be when his diaper is clean, he's full and not totally tired or overstimulated. Believe it or not, that's more often than not.

I've been dreading next Tuesday for a while's the dreaded day for SHOTS!! I hope to get a lot of sleep in the days before that; in fact I will plan to nap all day Monday (ya right!) as I have no idea if Anderson will be that baby who cries all day after them or sleeps all day... I'm planning on him crying all day. I am also dreading it because I cannot bare to watch him in pain, but I suppose other moms and babies have gotten through it, so we will too. The only reason I'm looking forward to it is to see how much he weighs. I am going to say he's at LEAST 13 pounds...probably more. He's unbelievably strong and I don't have to hold his head NEARLY like I used to. It's like he's becoming a BOY, not a baby... It's bittersweet.

On another note, I've started wondering when did life start to become RUSH RUSH RUSH???? Oh ya, about 9 weeks ago. I don't remember being able to enjoy a long hot shower when shaving my legs wasn't a privilege or a nice slow relaxing meal with my husband! I am constantly RUSHING to see if I can shower before AJ starts to cry, or squeeze in one more thing before he needs me. It's crazy! I love it, but it's crazy! Someday, I know we'll get this back, but I do miss having dinner with Jason...and us both sitting down :)

Lastly, a Weight Watchers update. I'm SUPER proud to say that I have lost 8.8lbs since I started WW 5 weeks ago. So, to sum it up I gained 26 while pregnant and have now lost 30! YA!!! I love WW because I can eat a lot and I've been able to work out about 3 times a week- give or take.

Until next time... and keep in mind when you're looking for a new post to read that I'm probably spending that time trying to get ONE MORE THING done :)

The Video Below

This is video of Anderson waking up our bed... He likes to come to our bed around 5-6am to sleep for a few more hours.

Now that I know how to post video, you can expect more! Someday I will learn to do the video and type in the same post.. Bare with me!

P.s. You can disregard my baby talk...the things we do to get them smile :)

AJ Waking

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Weekend in Breckenridge

Last September, Jason & I went to Breckenridge with our neighbors on a "free" weekend trip. All we had to do was sit in on a 90 minute timeshare presentation and the whole weekend was free. No way were we going to buy a timeshare! Well...we came home timeshare owners..... There were many reasons that we bought, but the main reason was because I grew up going to my parents timeshare in San Diego a few times a year and have such fond memories of it. Horseback riding, learning to swim and dive, playing around in the pool with my brother, rolling down the big grassy hills and playing ping pong to name a few. I knew once we started listening to this presentation that I wanted our child (whom I was not yet pregnant with) to have some of these memories too. Plus, it was affordable!

This weekend we used our timeshare for the first time. It's in Breckenridge, Colorado; just two short hours away. In the days before, I started writing a list of things that we would need to pack- SO MUCH MORE than when it was just the two of us!


We booked it only a month ago and really had no idea what we were in for bringing an 8 week old on this trip. All we wanted to do was walk around Main St., do some shopping, perhaps have a nice lunch sitting outside on a patio and take Anderson swimming for his first time. We were lucky enough to do all that!

The first day we got there before our room was ready, so we went to Main St., walked around and then went to Bubba Gumps for lunch- Anderson was great and slept the entire time! We walked around a bit more, enjoying the stream and the beautiful mountain views. Then we went back to our place, unpacked and hung out a bit and then we went outside to the BBQ's and Jason made us some steaks for dinner. YUM! Anderson was so good that day and night. He slept the entire ride there, thru lunch and he was great that night too! I was concerned since he hadn't slept in his Pack N Play before and since we're only going on a week with him in his crib. He slept great and woke up 3 times.

The next day, we got up and went back to Main St., walked around some more, took some great photos and went to lunch again at this WONDERFUL dive pizza place called Eric's. The food is great and SO not on Weight Watchers! I kind of gave up on that this weekend (not to worry, I'm back on the wagon tomorrow) After lunch, we decided to put on our swim suits and see how Anderson would do in the pool. We planned to put him all the way in and had no clue how he'd do. The first second that he was in, he had this "What the heck??" look his face and then for the next 20 minutes or so he totally loved it! He was smiling and laughing and just really enjoying it. I even dunked him one time and he wasn't thrilled, but he didn't cry. We were both so proud; we talked about it all night. We didn't stay in too long as it wasn't too warm for a baby even though it was an indoor pool. Headed back to the room where Jason again made a nice dinner and then because AJ was fussy, we took a nice long walk in the woods. There are all kinds of trails near our place so we picked one and just walked. It was wonderful and relaxing.

Anderson was good again last night; not as good tho as he was in our bed by 3am. Mommy didn't get much sleep, but I was ok.

We came home today and though it was a quick trip, it was just the right amount of time with such a young baby. It's obvious he was ready to be home as he was pretty crabby today. Crying or sleeping much of the day.

Here are a few pics from this weekend:

Family Photo

Swimming with Daddy!

Swimming with Mommy!

Someday this child will hate me for making him wear this hat:

Tired baby ready to go home...