Sunday, May 19, 2013

Recap of the Last Few Weeks

We've had a busy and fun few weeks! I know you're not surprised. We just never stop! A few weeks ago, AJ's buddy and his family invited us to their community Bingo De Mayo party. It was super fun! We had dinner and then played 10 rounds of bingo. It was a lot for the kids- they were super competitive and REALLY wanted their numbers to be called. We all had the chance to win up to $250 bucks! We didn't, but it was fun!

AJ and Kelan at Bingo Night!

With his bingo cards- sadly we didn't win and AJ was pretty disappointed he didn't win the $250 prize! We talked about how if he did, we'd be taking a trip to California...

AJ starts T-ball in June so Pop and Grammy Cory sent him his first glove :)

AJ has been taking swim lessons for the last month or so and he's really enjoying it! What a difference from last year when it was like pulling teeth to go. Now, he loves his instructor, Miss Sue and loves going. This week he's going up a class because I think he can do more. 
He's in swim lessons and again LOVING it this time around. He's really concentrating in this picture as he kicks across the pool

We took our second camping trip last weekend. It was fun! The weather was interesting.. Windy and some rain, but then hot at times too. It was one of those days when you jud didn't know if you needed a jacket or not? We hiked, went bike riding, cooked smores and played with friends.

Our 2nd camping trip of the season!

Morning picture- he played on these rocks (and gave me a heart attack) all weekend!

Jason and Tobin hanging out at breakfast time.

Auston, Daniel, AJ and Katelyn hiking

Playing the game Washers, with Tobin. AJ won!

Hiking with Daddy

My love

AJ had his last sing-along at Castle Academy and it was bittersweet. I always love watching these and each time, obviously, he is older and much more into it. He did great and had fun! I loved that it was on my birthday too! It was a fun present for me ;) I can't believe this guy will be in Kindergarten in a few months! I'm excited for him.. and a little sad for me :)

Spring Sing Along!


With one of his favorite Preschool teachers, Miss Michelle!

With his other favorite teacher, Miss Susann

Best buddies.. Kelan, Madolyn and AJ

So proud of this guy!
Later that night, AJ and Jason came over and made me dinner, brought gifts and a cake! It was a wonderful, family fun night with al of us together. Love these guys!
Ready to blow out the candles on Mommy's birthday cake!
The next day, this happened. Completely out of the blue, AJ got this quick and terrible virus that left him with a 103.6 fever! This kid RARELY gets sick! Jason had taken him to swim lessons and he did great, but he was warm and had the chills.. That night he got worse. Jason called and said that he'd given him Tylenol, but was worried because the fever was so high. He decided at 8pm, to take him to the ER. Had it been earlier in the day, we would have gone to Urgent Care, but none are open past 7pm. Luckily, we have a brand new Hospital that opened about 10 minutes from Jason's house and we got right in. I met them there and when I walked in, AJ was SOO hot and SOO sad. He just felt terrible. The doctor checked him out, gave him some Motrin and a popcicle and after a few hours, let us go home. That night he slept well, he stayed home with Jason Friday and was back to his normal self by Saturday. Poor guy! Just glad it came and went so quickly. 
Poor guy in the ER...

Starting to feel better and finally sleep
Saturday night, I got to celebrate my birthday like an adult :) Jason, Joy and Kris and I went to Sushi Den- FANTASTIC! I have only been once, about 4 years ago and it was a treat to go back. YUMMY!!!
Birthday Celebration at Sushi Den

Here is a random video from a few weeks ago, that I found... Cracked me up!