Friday, July 2, 2010

AJ's 2 Year Pictures

Day at the Zoo

We had a great day at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo yesterday. AJ & I went with our friends Joy, Riley and Maddy. AJ just LOVES these kids- and they are so great with him. They are 10 and 7, but it doesn't matter. They play so well together.

AJ and Maddy went on this cute little train together. He has never gone on a train ride without an adult and I thought he might be scared- NOPE! He LOVED it and giggled the entire way!

AJ also went on his first pony ride- It was awesome to see! He really enjoyed it, but he was VERY serious about it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Mr.Fix It

AJ got this new tool set for his birthday. He had a blast tonight going around the house "fixing" things with the drill- I love that he just might be my handyman!

Party Videos

Here are a few videos from AJ's 2nd birthday.

This is a video before the party. AJ is all about Baby Woofy and giving Grandma some love!

Playing in the bounce house!

Playing trains with Papa

AJ's 2nd Birthday Party!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was AJ's 2nd birthday and we had a big party to celebrate. It was a SUPER fun day- a little stressful at times, but all in all, it was great!

We started out the morning with AJ's 2 year pictures-We took them at a nearby park and he did really well- thanks to bribery. I'll post them once I see them all. So far, from what I've seen, they are TOOO cute!

Since AJ didn't sleep too well the night before (probably the stress of getting older, right??) he took an early nap. While he napped, I cleaned, organized, prepared food and started to decorate the house. About 2pm my mom, Dave and Jason all came over to help. We had balloons, a bounce house, pool, tons of food and a Pooh Pinata.

AJ woke up about 3 and I was finally able to tell him that his PARTEEEE was today. We've been talking about his party for a week or more- about who's coming, how old he'll be and what we're going to be doing. I'm pretty sure he had no idea what I was talking about. He was calling his birthday presents "party!"

The guests arrived about 4 and we all just hung out and had a good time. The kids played in the bounce house, in the kiddie pool and on slides. Just as we were all starting to eat... THUNDERSTORMS! LIGHTENING! RAIN! HAIL!!!!!!!! ARGH! Gotta love Colorado weather....

So, we moved the party inside quickly and then the chaos began. Although my house is big, it isn't really big enough to hold 40+ people comfortably. Everything was fine until... the toilet stopped up! This is when I started to panic! It was quickly fixed and I am sure I stressed more about it then I needed to, but that's just what I do...

After all of this, we moved into the garage to do the Pooh pinata. MORE chaos! Picture this... 18+ kids in the garage, a bat, pouring rain and no all. It was crazy! Poor AJ wasn't so sure he wanted to see Pooh get knocked around with a bat, but it all was fine once he got a lollipop :)

Then it was cake time! Jason and Dominic made AJ's cake last year (Monkey) and they did it again this year. It's become a tradition. Not only was it a great looking cake, it also was very yummy!

AJ is one LUCKY (spoiled) kid! He got so many awesome gifts! I can't name them all, but they include an awesome firetruck that makes all kinds of noises and moves forward and backwards, a trash truck, Pooh phone, Pooh ABC toy, many trucks, bubbles and bubble blowers, more trains, a LeapFrog learning computer, motorcycle (see pic below), books, a tool set and so much more. Opening presents was quite a crazy experience, but we are so thankful and appreciate everything!

It really was an awesome day- celebrating our little boy. He's brought so much joy to our lives and we are so very lucky to have him. He's just the best!

Trash Truck- A birthday gift from Oma & Papa- he could play with this all day! He loves it!

Pool time with the girls!


Daddy got AJ this awesome motorcycle!

He LOVES it!

Pinata Time! (It was tough for AJ to watch Pooh get his head bashed in- he kept saying Pooh Owie!)

Singing Happy Birthday to AJ! He just LOVED it!!

Cutting the cake...yummy!
Blowing out the candle- he was a pro!
The Pooh Cake! Great job, Daddy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

More On Being 2

In addition....

As you have read in previous posts, AJ has some great friends! His best friend is Dax- otherwise known as Daxiedooooo! Dax is 4 months older than AJ which I think is great because Dax teaches AJ so many things! It's also very cool for me to see what Dax is doing and know that AJ isn't far off from doing those same things. They love to give each other hugs and kisses, pat each other on the back, play in the pool together, go to the zoo, steal each others toys and just have a lot of fun. AJ talks about Dax and his mommy ALL of the time! I feel very lucky to have Dax and Ki in our lives- Ki has become such a wonderful friend and is incredibly supportive.

Speaking of playing in the pool with Dax, AJ is FISH! He absolutely LOVES the water this summer. He has been a fan of the water since we first took him swimming at 3 months old, but he just loves it more now. We go to the pool a lot- sometimes to our community pool and sometimes to my moms community pool- and AJ loves to play with toys, play with bugs and his new thing is jumping off the side of the pool into the water. There have been a handful of times when he'll jump to me without holding my hands- he is SO brave! He has no problem going under the water and has the greatest smile each time he comes up! Such a happy boy.

AJ has also become quite the little camper- he and Jason have been camping a lot already this summer and from what I hear, he's loving it. AJ always comes back telling me about how he played with "the guys", slept in a tent, had a fire, played with flashlights and played in the dirt. I really am so happy that AJ and Jason enjoy doing this together. It's great boy time and they will be have awesome memories of this in the future.

Little Camper!

The time has come to be very careful about things I say...because they will be repeated! I'm not a big fan of cursing, but let's be honest- it happens. AJ is at the age now where not only is he a human sponge, but he can also repeat MANY of the things he hears. The last thing I want is for us to be walking down the aisle at the grocery store and have him saying something completely embarressing and knowing he learned it from me!

Birthday Boy!