Friday, January 28, 2011

AJ Funnies

* I picked AJ from the sitter last night and hadn't seen him in 2 days. While we were driving around, he say our favorite pizza place and said, "Mom! Let's go there". I wanted to have some fun with him, so I said, "OK!" So, we drove over to Blvd Pizza and as we were driving I said to AJ that we might see friends there, but I wasn't sure. (Cause you never know at this place!) When we got in the parking lot I said, "Looks like no friends are here, but that's ok" and he said, "Sorry Mom...." I replied, "Honey, why are you sorry?" and he said "I'm sorry that Dax and Ki aren't here tonight". :)

* On our way home from dinner last night AJ wanted me to put my sunroof down so he could see the sky and the stars. He said, "Stars make me happy! Thank you stars!" hahah

* Last night when we got home Grandma wasn't there because she was getting her hair done. I told AJ this. Well, then tonight when we were driving home, he asked if Grandma would be there. I said yes. And he asked "No getting hair done again?"

I love this kid!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Riding Along

Papa was working with AJ the other teaching him to pedal on his tricycle (Big Wheel type thing) Here's some video