Thursday, June 4, 2009

Lost & Found

This post could ALMOST be called, Lost & Lost... No, I didn't almost lose AJ, but he almost lost my cell phone! For some reason, my orange cell phone is his MOST favorite toy. (Sorry if you get a phone call from me and you either hear babbling on the other end or nothing...) When I'm on the phone, he grabs for it, and sometimes I use it to keep him happy when I'm at the store. I also give it to him (without the battery) at home so he can play with it.

Well, I can see that a new game that I will be playing is..."Where's Mommy's Phone??" It seems that when he's done playing with it, he just leaves it...somewhere....anywhere.. And I can't always find it! So, tonight after dinner, after cleaning the dishes, after putting ALL of my Tupperware away, after closing all the opened drawers in our kitchen, after putting ALL the toys away, I wondered, "Where's my phone?" So, Jason and I went on a mission to find it. We looked EVERYWHERE.... In the Tupperware drawer, outside the dog door, under the couches, in the laundry room, under the kitchen table, in a few toy boxes up the stairs and NOTHING! When we just about gave up- we figured it would turn up at some point- Jason found it in a different toy box. Phew.... I have a phone again.

talk, talk, talk, talk...

Tonight was an especially LOUD night :)