Saturday, July 31, 2010

California Trip July 2010

AJ, Mamna and I are back from a very fun trip to California! We had a great time seeing family, friends and enjoying the beach. As usual, it was busy, busy, busy! AJ did really well considering he didn't sleep nearly enough and we were always on the go to the next place. He had a few melt downs (which makes me sad for the people we're with as well as sad for AJ), but for the most part, he was a very good boy!

Our first day we got in early and headed straight to my Uncle Alan's Celebration. Alan passed away in June and will be missed greatly. It was awesome to see all of these people who had such fond memories of him.

We were able to see Pop & Grammy and Aunt Joan, along with many other friends and family. Then, after, we all headed back to Uncle Matt & Kristin's house to BBQ and hang out by there new, AMAZING spa.

During our trip, we did so many fun things. We went to the beach a few times and AJ enjoyed playing in the ocean and jumping over waves. He loved swimming in Matt & Kristin's spa (yes- we went swimming. It's THAT big!), seeing some old family friends, and hanging out with family.

AJ chilling out by the spa
Hi Pop!
Dance Party USA with cousin Chase

We visited my moms long time friends Cheryl and Barbara along with Cheryl's daughter Nicole. This is Nicole's daughter, Kate. Kate will be 3 in December. AJ and Kate got along great; they played at the park and then loved going for a walk on the board walk in San Clemente.

Uncle Matt took us on a boat ride! It was one of the highlights of the trip, for sure. AJ had a blast!
AJ loved when Uncle Matt went fast!
And he got to drive too!
We spent some time at the beach, playing in the water. It was awesome to play with AJ and jump over waves with him.

Uncle Matt & AJ on the Newport Pier- Love this picture!