Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Last night I took AJ to Target to pick out a new toy. He has been doing really well with his "jobs" and filling up his penny jar. Also, Aunt Joan sent him some money for his birthday for a new toy. (Thank you Joan!)

So, I let him walk around the toy department and he went STRAIGHT to this Dragon World Fortress. I thought he'd play with it for a second and move onto another aisle- but I was wrong. Once he saw this, he never looked at another toy.

I hadn't planned on getting him something quite so big or extravagant, but when I realized it was on clearance for the exact amount of money we had to spend and also how much he REALLY loved it, I went for it. And he hasn't stopped playing with it! He is TOTALLY into dragons now and it's so awesome to watch his imagination just take off. I knew one day I'd be playing dragons with my boy, but I didn't realize just how much fun it would be :)

Here's a few videos:

Happy Birthday Grammy Cory!