Friday, September 5, 2008

BIG Weekend Planned!

Well, a VERY big milestone has arrived... Grandma (my mom) is coming into town for the weekend and is going to be watching Anderson OVERNIGHT on Saturday night.... In fact, she will have him from Saturday around 2:30pm until the next morning. YIKES!!! I am not at all worried about her watching him or his safety or anything like that; I'm worried that I am going to miss him like crazy, that he may not do well with the bottle and also how I'm going to handle pumping!

So, where am I going anyway?? Well... We've been planning my friend Heather's 30th birthday bash for MONTHS now- long before AJ was born. But, it's a secret and I know she reads this blog. So, as of now, all I can say is this.... 3 couples, Downtown Denver, Dinner/Drinking and SO MUCH MORE!!! I can't wait!

Heading out to get my mom who is beyond excited to see Anderson- she hasn't seen him since he was 1 week old and is dying to get here. I cannot wait for her to see him and all the changes. He's not even the same little baby!

Happy Weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Dreaded Shots...

Anderson had his 2 month check up today which sadly included his shots... FOUR OF THEM!

Our day started out well, he was so happy. We got to the doctor at 9am and he did well with the nurse and the doctor. The doctor said he looks great, totally healthy and gave me some advice on getting him to sleep thru the night. He told me that Jason and I need to take 4 hour shifts each night to try to soothe him back to sleep. AJ needs to learn to soothe himself and NOT fall asleep while eating. The doctor said that when he falls asleep at the breast and then we put him in his crib, that he eventually will wake back up and not be able to fall soothe himself back to sleep without the breast again. Makes total sense to me and explains why I was up every single hour last night feeding him. He wasn't hungry- he barely ate each time- but he needed me to soothe him. The doctor mentioned that it could take a few weeks to get this down, but we need to put him to bed almost asleep; not completely asleep. We shall see... I know I've tried a million things, but if the doc told me to try it, I will!

Back to the shots.. After the doctor left, the nurse came back in with 4 shots. AJ was laughing, cooing, smiling- sooo happy and then BAM!!! The shots began. He was RED- almost purple- while she was giving them to him. Had this cry that I'd never heard before, one of obvious pain. It broke my heart to see him and know that there was nothing I could do. The one good thing was that it was over pretty quickly. The nurse left us in the room for as long as I needed to get him calmed down. I fed him and held him and just loved on him. Eventually he fell asleep in the car and for the most part has either wanted to be held or has been asleep all day. I've been giving him Tylenol which I think is helping.

Lastly, the question of the day....How much does he weigh??? 14 POUNDS!!! and he's 23 1/4 inches! Chunky Monkey!

Weekend Pictures

We had a FUN and EVENTFUL weekend! Here are some pictures:

Andersons Future Prom Date Kellyn (1):


Samantha (5) & Ashlyn (3) Loving on AJ!

Mommy & AJ

With My Daddy


Good Morning!

Monday, September 1, 2008

This is what lack of sleep will do...

Last night I SERIOUSLY freaked out...I mean, BIG TIME! I was asleep for a few hours and then was laying in bed and heard AJ crying thru the monitor on my nightstand. At the time though, I didn't realize I was hearing the monitor; I thought it was actually him right there on the bed. I was half awake/ half asleep- probably more asleep- and I remember getting up out of bed, looking down at the sheets and looking for AJ. I couldn't find him so I started searching for him in the sheets. I looked under the sheet, under the duvet cover, and then did that over and over again all while listening to him cry and PANICKING that I couldn't find him! I was TERRIFIED! Finally (and really it was probably only seconds, but it felt like an eternity) I woke Jason up and we both think I said "I can't find it!" because the next thing we know, he's handing me the TV remote control! He was obviously asleep and didn't hear the baby crying. Then...all of the sudden, I realized DUH!!! The baby is in his CRIB and I am listening to him on the monitor! I know this sounds funny and ridiculous, but it was SO incredibly real and scary!

The point is...I need sleep!

Picture of the Day


Yes, this is a Mr. T onesie! How darn cute is that??? Anderson was given this shirt by one of my co-workers at Hp. Thanks Cale!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Some of his BEST FRIENDS!

Here's a picture from Friday- Anderson and I went to the pool with some of his BEST friends (and mine) and we took this picture. For all of those looking at this picture and worrying that I left an 8 year old in charge of him, I am RIGHT outside the photo and ran to get him once the flash went off; not that I didn't trust Riley!


In the photo:
Samantha (5), Maddy (5), Riley (8), Anderson (9 weeks) and Joseph (5)

Anderson will hear many stories about his friends in this picture as they were all in our wedding 2 years ago and Jason and I were there for all of their births. Samantha has claimed his "first friend" spot as she was there in the hospital the day after he was born. She was the first to hold him! (Other than Jason and I and the hospital staff) She loves to tell that to people as well as how much he loves to "hold her hand". It's the cutest thing EVER! She is so proud and I am soooo proud of her!

Tummy Time Video