Saturday, August 2, 2008

What to call him??

Before we had the baby, I was always calling him AJ. I never referred to him as Anderson or Andy, always AJ or the baby. Well, now he's 5 weeks old and all this time I've been TRYING to call him Anderson- I felt like he should be called that for a while so he can learn his name. But... Now, I look at him and I don't know if he looks like an Anderson so I don't know what to call him! I still love the name Anderson, but I think that might be too big of a name for such a little munchkin. Much as I never really wanted to call him Andy (brings back bad memories from Junior High- haha) I'm starting to think he looks more and more like an Andy. To me, Andy is a spunky, fun loving, wild little boy and I think that's what we have here.

Feel free to comment on what name YOU think he looks like.

Friday, August 1, 2008

4 Hours!!!

Yep, that's right! I got to sleep FOUR hours in a row last night- it's a miracle! I don't know how it happened, but I'm not asking questions at this point. I went to bed last night at 9:30pm and woke up with Anderson in the boppy on our bed around 1:30am. Jason woke up too and asked me if this was the first time I'd fed him since I'd gone to sleep and when I said yes, he told me that he never woke up to take his bottle around 11pm when we'd expected him to. This was wonderful news! Could it be that the tide is changing a bit around here???

Last night we wanted to take my Dad & Cory out to dinner to celebrate their 16 year anniversary. They decided on California Pizza Kitchen and I thought that even though we know Anderson isn't good around dinner time that he would be ok in the restaurant. I figured that since it was loud in there and he'd been pretty good all day- sleeping longer than 2 hours at a time and everything- that he'd sleep through dinner. Boy was I WRONG! We just got seated and then... WAAAAHHHH!!! I was suddenly that person that EVERY other person in the restaurant was staring at. I've always been on the giving end of that, not the receiving. Not fun. So, Jason- who seems to be the only one who can calm him during 5pm-9pm- took him and bounced him on his knee for a while until we ordered, and then we all took turns walking him around outside. Very romantic anniversary dinner huh??

We have been learning more and more about Buster the Baby Guard Dog (our Boxer). He ADORES Anderson and takes care of him (as much as he can for being a pup). Yesterday I was in the shower and the baby was downstairs sleeping, Dad & Cory were outside for just a minute. I guess Anderson woke up and was crying, so Buster ran to the front door and gave Cory "the look" that said "Quick! Baby crying! Ruff!" He was rewarded by getting to go next door and play with his best buddy, Ozzy. What a good pup. Then, this morning I turned away from the baby for a second and turned back only to find Buster giving Anderson a tongue bath on his face- YUCK! It's great that I never have to worry about Buster biting or hurting Anderson, but he could possibly drowned him!

We're really enjoying having Pop and Grammy Cory with us. Anderson is being passed around like crazy and is never without attention. My dad loves carrying him around in the Baby Bjorn- it's the cutest thing and reminds me so much of Steve Martin in Father of the Bride III. Cracks me up! Cory is busy knitting Anderson a cute hat and a sweater- this kid will NEVER be without new outfits and is so incredibly loved :)Tomorrow we plan to go to the Denver Botanical Gardens and then have a little BBQ with Holly, Joel and kids.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Pop & Grammy Cory Are Here!

My Dad and Cory came to visit yesterday and will stay with us for about a week. It's a very exciting time as my dad has been waiting a LONG time to be a "Pop". It's been so hard for he and Cory to know that Anderson was born and not to be able to meet him in person. But the time has finally arrived and they are both in LOVE with him (even at 5 o'clock!) It's adorable to see my dad hold him and talk to him. They already have plans for Anderson to come stay with them for a week here or there when he gets a bit older so they can teach him about gardening and mowing and to play in the veg garden.

Last night like clockwork, Anderson started his crying fit at dinner time and we talked about how it's so hard to listen to him but at the same time, he can feel my anxiety and so it's harder for him to calm down. Jason, who's always calm, can come over and pick him up and he calms down instantly. He's got the touch! I suppose we each have our thing- I can feed him and he can calm him down. We both feel useful :)

We don't have too many plans while Dad and Cory are here; just hanging out with the baby and working in the yard. Each time they come to visit they do so much work around our yard. They dig up dead plants, pull weeds, fertilize, install hose reels, fix sprinklers and repot things that I killed. I must say I get a lot of compliments about our yard from the neighbors and it's ALL them!

On another note, I am officially one pound LESS than what I was before I got pregnant- YAH!!! I love Weight Watchers :) Only have about 11 pounds to go!




Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Dreaded 5 o'clock hour..

I notice small patterns with Anderson. The first pattern was his sleeping. For the first few weeks, we'd have one good night and then we'd have a bad night. It was like clockwork. I could always count on it.

Now, there is the dreaded 5 o'clock hour- every night. Anderson gets REALLY cranky, cries uncontrollably, acts like he's got a bad tummy ache and is pretty much inconsolable. It's terrible because Jason and I feel so helpless and yes, I will admit it- by that time of the day I really have a hard time handling it. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep and trying to get stuff done all day and Jason is tired and mentally drained from work. For the last few nights Jason has taken over during these times because I just can't deal. I'm so thankful for his help.

I can't help but wonder if Anderson has colic?? I HATE that word because it just tells me that we're in for a long few months ahead, but I don't know what else it could be??? He's typically upset from about 5pm or so until 10pm or so. Last night I fell asleep rocking him in the glider from 9-11pm.

I'm going to look into what can be done to help soothe him during these times. The doctor yesterday didn't say that he had colic, but did mention maybe giving him some chamomile tea to calm him down. I'll try anything!

Monday, July 28, 2008

He's Healthy

Went to the doctor today to check on Anderson's vomiting and his crankiness. She said that he seems just fine and there's nothing to worry about. He's growing so he's getting plenty to eat (of keeping plenty down) and she said the only change I could make is to cut out dairy and see if that helps. I don't each much dairy so that shouldn't be too hard. I wasn't terribly worried but I am happy with the results!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Nursing and running don't mix..

Today I decided it was time to test out my running skills. It's been probably 10+ months since I've gone for a run and even then I never considered myself a "runner"; I just do it to try to keep in shape.

Well, I made sure to pump before I left the house, but I learned that well... 2 sports bras aren't enough! OUCH!!! I need to get a more supportive bra for the future. I was only able to jog about half a mile or so as my entire body was hurting! My lungs, my legs, my abs, my back- it was sad, but I was happy to at least get out there. I know it's going to take a long time to get back at it and run 4-5 miles as I used to, so I'm being kind to myself and am proud to get out. Mentally I felt great the rest of the day.

I am now officially at my exact pre-pregnancy weight (even after all that fondue!) - YAH!!! I am loving Weight Watchers- I eat and I eat a lot, but I just make sure to eat a lot of low point foods like fruit and fat free pudding and eating smaller portions of other things. It's obviously workin!


This past few days have been...well..messy! For unknown reasons, after eating Anderson has been vomiting. Not just a little spit up or puke but full on projectile vomiting- all over Jason or me. A few nights ago Jason was doing his typical nightly routine with him- walking him all over the house to get him to sleep and I hear "HELP!" so I come running and there is vomit ALL down Jason's shirt. The baby seemed quite content (as he does each time he's done). Then yesterday afternoon after feeding him, he did it again. Vomit EVERYWHERE- down AJ's shirt, on the couch, on 2 burp rags, all over Jason's shirt. Again last night around 2am, it happened yet again. We were laying in bed and Anderson had eaten a very big meal- I'm thinking too big- as it ended up all over my shorts, all over the baby, and ALL over my sheets- meaning I had to sleep the rest of the night in the guest room.

I don't know the reason for all this, but I plan to call the doctor on Monday. He doesn't seem sick and it doesn't happen every time he eats, but it's happening more and more. Perhaps he's overeating? I don't know. I do know it's MESSY and means more loads of laundry.

Poor kid!