Sunday, December 9, 2012

Denver Zoo Lights

Last night- the coldest night we've had all season- we decided to pack up and head to the Denver Zoo Lights. Every year they put thousands of lights around the zoo in shapes of animals and people pack up their kids in every bit of warm clothing they own and head out to walk around, drink hot chocolate and freeze for a few hours. It's actually quite fun! The place was PACKED and the lines were LONG, but it was a blast! We made hot chocolate and brought lots of extra marshmallows and snacks. We walked around for a few hours- AJ was lucky enough to ride in the wagon and be covered in a blanket. A very fun way to celebrate the holiday season :)

Waiting in line (with his 2nd of 5 cups of hot chocolate!)

Checking out the amazing spider web!

All bundled up and happy!